The Benefits Of Reading A Good Book

The Benefits Of Reading A Good Book

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved reading a good book. There’s just something about holding a physical copy of a book in your hands and having the opportunity to escape into a fictional world or expand your knowledge through non-fiction.

There are so many benefits to picking up a good book that can help improve your overall wellbeing and mental health.


One of my favourite things about reading is being able to escape. This mainly happens when I read fiction books. It gives me a chance to get outside the chaos that is my mind and into another world. I love being able to have that quiet time away from my thoughts and get to grips with a different story. It can be a great way to bring a sense of calm and help reduce stress by letting go of any tension you may be feeling beforehand.

Mental stimulation

Reading is one of the greatest ways you can exercise your mind in a fun and easy way. Through reading, whether it’s non-fiction or fiction, you’re working your brain by trying to figure things out, as well as learning and building on your knowledge. Reading helps to keep your brain active and keeping it working without pushing it too hard.


I’m very much into my self-help and motivational books. There’s just something about having a sit down with a self-help book each week and learning something new to try to improve your life. A good book gives us a chance to learn something new, whether that’s a life lesson or a new skill, it can expand our wisdom over time. Books help to get us thinking and preparing to face any challenges that may come our way.

The Benefits Of Reading A Good Book


Of course, reading a good book is a lot of fun! If you’re a homebody or someone who just loves reading in their pass time, then you will know how entertaining reading can be. It can provide so much enjoyment. It’s also a great pass time and you can literally do it absolutely anywhere at any time, like on the train to work or in bed before you head off to sleep. It’s so accessible!


Depending on the type of books you opt to read, reading can really help to improve your empathy towards others. If you’ve been reading a true story based on a person’s struggle through their life or a novel that touches on a lot of hardship, then the more you read and learn about these characters or the situations they face, the greater your understanding will be. In time your response to people’s emotions will be better.

Increases creativity

I spend a lot of my time writing and creating content for various different outlets. Without reading I probably wouldn’t be so in love with writing. Reading a good book definitely helps to boost your creativity by opening your mind to new ideas and alternative scenarios. When I’ve noticed I’m experiencing writer’s block, once I’ve had a good read of other blogs or books, I’ve found myself then bursting with inspiration and creativity.

What do you find the most beneficial from reading?

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