30 Activities For Gloomy Days Indoors

30 Activities For Gloomy Days Indoors

Now it’s officially autumn and the weather is slowly starting to turn gloomy outside, it can be hard to find some stay at home activities for those more gloomy days. Below I’ve put together 30 activities that you can get stuck into no matter how you feel or who you’re with.

1. Embroidery/cross stitching – this is something I’ve tried recently and I absolutely love it! I thought I would be bad at it, but it’s so easy to pick up and quite therapeutic threading the needle through the grid.

The one in the photo above was made for me by the lovely Natalie from Natalie Leanne. I love it so much. It sits my desk now and reminds me that whenever I feel overwhelmed to breathe.

2. Baking –  baking is one of my favourite colder season activities. It feels like forever since I last did some baking. I can’t wait to whip up some cupcakes or biscuits soon.

3. Netflix – Netflix is a great place to find lots of new and old TV shows or movies to get yourself stuck in. I’m a sucker for those cringe-worthy teen romance films or TV programmes. I’ve definitely been obsessed with To All The Boy’s Before!

4. Movie marathon – you can use Netflix for this or have a look through your old school DVD collection. Binge watch movies all day long. We’re really into watching Harry Potter at the moment. Despite enjoying the films when I was younger, I was never a big fan of it, but now I’ve really got into it.

5. DIY – This may not sound the most appealing activity, but doing some DIY around the house can be a great way to pass the time on gloomy days when you can’t get out. Whether you live in your own house or in your family home, I’m sure you’ll find something that needs some TLC.

6. Tidy/declutter – Is it just me who finds having a good tidy up and declutter so therapeutic? Staying at home is the perfect chance to have a big clear out and get rid of things you might not need anymore. This always makes room for new things and you end up discovering old pieces you might have forgotten about.

7. Read – There’s just something so cosy and calming about cosying up with a blanket, a candle burning and your favourite hot drink whilst you escape into a good book. I have so many books on my to-read pile so I need to make the most of these gloomy days.

8. Write – If you’re a blogger like me, then staying in and getting stuck into some writing for your blog can be the perfect gloomy day activity. Writing is a great way to unleash your creativity and pass the time away. Imagine how many blog posts you could create in one day!

9. Scrapbooking – Scrapbooking is something I’ve tried to do on/off for years! They can be a great way to gather inspiration like for a project or to keep photos of your favourite memories to look back on in years to come.

10. Painting – I’m not a painter by any means, but if you want to get arty and start a new hobby, then painting can always be a good shout! I always remember doing those paint by numbers when I was younger.

11. Jewellery making – This is something I’ve never had a go at apart from when I was a child and I used to make necklaces or bracelets from beads and string. But you can buy actual jewellery making supplies from craft stores and have a go at making some cute pieces.

12. Online shopping – Now I’m sure this is one everyone is going to love! It’s definitely a lot more enjoyable sitting in the comfort of your home online shopping rather than going out in the miserable weather to have to then stand in queue’s all day long.

13. Work out from home – Don’t fancy braving the gym or running around the park in the rain? Take your workout home! I much prefer working out from home the comfort of my home whatever the weather.

14. Cook a new recipe – Have a flick through your recipe books and see what new recipe you could try! You get to enjoy the food afterwards without venturing out so that’s always a win-win.

15. Card making – Got any birthday’s or celebrations coming up? Have a go at making some cards for any special occasions or maybe even just for fun if you fancy getting your craft on.

16. Do a puzzle – If you have the patience (unlike me), then a puzzle can be a great challenge for the day ahead. There are tonnes of puzzles out there to have a go at and try to solve. You can all get involved too.

17. Board games – Another great activity that everyone can get involved with is board games. We always play board games at Christmas, but they can be enjoyed all year round.

18. Have loved one’s over – Host dinner or an afternoon tea at your house for the day if you’re not the only ones struggling to know what to do. It will be fun catching up with everyone and to enjoy some quality time together.

19. Start a blog – If you haven’t already and have always wanted to, then go for it!

20. Pamper yourself – Up that self-care game and give yourself a pamper.

21. Clear up your phone storage – This is one I need to get around to doing. Delete any old photos you don’t need anymore, remove any apps you don’t use, refresh your contacts and switch up your music playlists.

22. Tidy your desktop – Just like your phone, have a good tidy of your desktop. Delete any files you no longer need including photos and videos. Do any updates you need to do. Make sure everything is in working order.

23. Journal – Feel yourself feeling overwhelmed or just need to get your thoughts out? Start a journal and get your thoughts onto paper to help you see things a little clearer. It can be so therapeutic.

24. Listen to music – Who doesn’t love a good sing song? This whole summer I was obsessed with the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack and it honestly put me in the best mood even on the worst days.

25. Catch up on sleep – If you’ve been missing out on sleep lately or just fancy an extra few hours in bed, then why not? Sleep is so important and definitely something not to be missed out on.

26. Sort out your paperwork – Go through any paperwork you have such as bills, letters etc. Get a fancy filing system and get organised.

27. Blitz the house – If you’ve been on the Mrs Hinch hype, then having a good clean in the house will surely be more tolerable than ever before!

28. Plan your next trip away – When the weather’s gloomy, it’s hard not to imagine somewhere warmer and sunnier. Write a list of places you’d like to visit next and do some research as what’s going to be the best place to go first.

29. Do some yoga or meditation – Yoga or meditation can be great if you’re feeling drained or stressed. It can be great to focus inwards and relax your mind and body.

30. Look back over old memories – Who doesn’t love looking back over old memories? I love getting old photos album out and looking back at memories from when I was young. It’s such a nice way to reminisce and boost your mood when it’s gloomy outside.

What’s your favourite gloomy day activity? 

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