Why Should You Invest In A Pinafore

Why you should invest in a pinafore

One statement piece I believe everyone should be adding to their spring/summer wardrobe this year is a pinafore. With pinafores, you’re not restricted to just one look or style. You can go for whatever theme you like. There’s so many different types of textures and colours to choose from when shopping, sometimes you’re almost too spoilt for choice. Plus you don’t have to just wear it through the warmer months, you can easily take it through to next autumn/winter and have it as an all year round staple. 

The days of wearing a pinafore and being worried you’ll look like a young girl off to primary school are over. And here’s why.

So why should you invest in a pinafore?


One thing I absolutely love about having a pinafore in my wardrobe is the fact that it just goes with so much!!! Whether you want to style it up or down depending on the occasion, you can create so many different looks with a pinafore. One day you might opt to wear a short sleeved top with your pinafore and then another day you might decide to wear a longer sleeved top. You can also wear a range of styles of tops and shirts with pinafores. My personal favourite is a high neckline style because they tend to not clash with the square top of the pinafore dress. Also any patterned top piece would look great styled together and help to break up the solid colour that comes from the pinafore.

The same applies to the bottom half of the body, during the cooler months you might find you’re pairing tights over your legs for extra warmth. On the other hand, during spring/summer you might brave all and ditch those tights. What either way you decide to go for a pinafore suits both. 

Again, this concept applies when it comes to choosing your footwear and outerwear. Most or if not all types of footwear are going to go with a pinafore. In the winter it might be a sturdy pair of leather boots that cover your feet or some patent coloured loafers, where as in the summer you might choose to pair your pinafore with some low top converse or a pair of lace up sandals. This gives you endless options of how to style your outfit. When it comes to choosing outwear, any style of jacket and coat would look great with a pinafore. My personal preference would be something that sits a little higher than where your pinafore finishes, so that you can still see the staple piece and therefore it doesn’t make you look like you’re not wearing anything underneath.

Why you should invest in a pinafore


As I mentioned, pinafores are a great year round piece. They’re not only good for the warmer months when you don’t need as many layers and can just go out with your pinafore thrown on over the top of a t-shirt. Instead you can opt to wear them when it is a little chiller and you want to layer up your clothing. Pinafore’s are a great extra layer piece. In the winter, you might put your pinafore over the top of a cosy knitted jumper and in the spring when it’s not as warm yet, you might decide to have it on over a thin long sleeved top.

 Again, the options are so not restricted. Pinafores aren’t a piece that is only limited to one specific season. It’s great for all seasons, all year round and one that is a great investment piece. For this reason, you might decide to splurge a little on more of a higher quality garment, so that it last’s a little longer than just one or two seasons. 

Tip – Picking a colour that works well for the spring/summer season, as well as the autumn/winter period could be helpful for making it work all year round. If you’re after a denim style, then go for mid-denim. This way it’s not too dark during the spring/summer and it’s also not too light for the autumn/winter. 

If you’re opting for a jersey or cord material, think what colours might work best for all seasons. Perhaps you might go for black since it is a versatile colour that can goes with so much and isn’t restricted to just one season. 


Pinafore’s can be dressed up or dressed down. They can suit different occasions and events that you might be attending. For casual days where you might be off shopping, out for the day with family, going to college, sixth form, university or a non-uniform day at school, you can easily dress a pinafore down. Pairing it with a simple t-shirt, a pair of tights in the cooler months, with your favourite shoes, jacket and bag you simply cannot go wrong. 

Alternatively on days when you want to be a little more dressy, perhaps you’re off out for lunch or dinner, heading out on a date with a new romance, your partner or a group of friends, meeting up for drinks or hosting a gathering at your own home, dressing up a pinafore is easy. Invest or find a smart top that you love and pairing it with your pinafore is a great place to start. You can then decide whether you want to have your legs covered and if you’re going to need to take a jacket with you. When it comes to shoes, opt for some cute flats or even some heels to intensify the smart look. 

When it comes to work and meetings/interviews, I believe you can get away with wearing a plain black (or whatever colour you like) jersey materiel pinafore to attend those important events. They just create something a little different to the bog standard smart dress, skirt or trouser and shirt attire that you might be use to wearing. All you have to do is smarten up the rest of your look and the pinafore will reflect well to the theme you have created.

Why you should invest in a pinafore


If you’re a trend follower, then pinafores are one to add to the list of pieces to invest in to be on trend this new spring/summer season. After last year’s popularity, they are back with a bang again this season. So what better time to invest in this on trend piece and add it to your wardrobe than this new season?

Denim is also going to be big this season due to the seventies trend returning for another season. When it comes to picking a pinafore to be extra on trend, why not go for one that is a denim material and be right on the trends this year. Plus denim look’s great all year round, so you won’t be wasting your money away just for one season.


Another great thing about pinafores is that they are flattering for all different body shapes and heights. Pinafores are so comfortable. You don’t need to worry about being too restricted in them and feeling like you’re unable to move. No one likes it when you feel like your clothing is sucking you in and making it unbearable to breathe. Pinafore’s won’t do this to you.

Most pinafores have an A-line shape to them. A-line styles look great on everyone regardless of their body shape. They normally tend to clench you in at the waist, then carefully flow out away from the hips and the thighs. As you can see from the shape of the pinafore above, it does exactly this. The top section and towards the top mid-section has more of a tighter or secure look to it. As the garment progresses, the shape of it gradually flows out towards the end of the mid-section and bottom section of the piece. 

But since the top section and top mid-section isn’t a tight fitting material, even if you don’t have much of waist, you don’t have to worry about the pinafore highlighting this part of your body, because it has more of a lose fit to it. On the other hand, girl’s who are more curvy in either the top or bottom section of the body, will like how the a-line style and top section of the pinafore will help to balance out your body. 

When it comes to height, some petite girl’s might find it hard to pull of an A-line style skirt. But the best thing for any short girl’s out there (including me, hi) is to find the perfect length for you. The same applies for any taller ladies. If you’re petite, go for a shorter hemline or check out the petite ranges in your local stores or online brands that might stock pinafores to suit you. Alternatively, if you’re on the tall side, go for more of a midi-length style or check out the tall sections in store or online. Finding the right length for you will ensure the pinafore will flatter not only your body, but also your height which is just as important when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

What are your thoughts on pinafores? Would you invest in one? 

Lauren x

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11 thoughts on “Why Should You Invest In A Pinafore

  • I have never seen such a long post about pinafore dresses, I really enjoyed reading this. Your post is coming at a great time as I'm currently thinking about investing in a pinafore dress and I think you convinced me – pinafore dresses can be styled in so many different ways and I love how they can be worn for any occasion. xx 113-things-to-say.blogspot.com

  • I've noticed these more on different blogs and in magazines and am tempted to go buy one this weekend =o)http://dreamofadventures.blogspot.com/

  • I've never worn a pinafore dress but they do sound so versatile for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter! Definitely agree with the high neckline tops, I think a pinafore dress would look great with tops like that. This was such a unique and great post to read lovely 🙂 xoohhelloitshannah.blogspot.co.uk

  • I would love love love to wear one of these but the fear of looking 3 years old because I'm only 5 foot is so real! Maybe I'll try one out because this one looks super cute.www.teenytinythoughts.com

  • OOH, I do love a good pinafore! I've actually never owned one myself, as I've been so obsessed with my denim dungarees lately, but I definitely want to get one, as they really are so versatile and flattering! You can't dislike something that you can wear literally ALL the time! Jade | http://www.simplyjadey.blogspot.co.uk xx

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