What To Remember After You Publish A Blog Post

What To Remember After You Publish A Blog Post

What you do after publishing a post as a blogger or a content creator is so important in a number of ways. It can determine whether you can drive an audience to your blog and posts, how you respond to the feedback you do or don’t receive, as well as how you feel toward’s your blog and blogging as a whole. Today I want to share with you the sorts of things to bare in mind after you hit that publish button on a post. 

My first tip and one I would say always to remind yourself this after publish a post is to be proud! Be proud of what you have created, from the writing to the photography, the idea, maybe even an intriguing title or introduction, be proud of the post you have created, because at the end of the day it is yours and you have been able to produce something to be proud of. Even if you don’t think it’s your best or you didn’t do as well as you could have, still be proud of putting in that effort and dedication to creating something to share with other people. It takes a lot of guts to do. But you did it. So be proud of yourself whatever the outcome!!!!

The next tip is to have a little patience. Be patient with receiving some form of response from your target audience. If you’re first starting out, it will be hard to accept that at the beginning you may not get much feedback on a post or any at all. I know for sure that it wasn’t until around Christmas last year that I actually started to get comments on my posts. Don’t give up. Traffic and feedback will come. Have patience with it. Stick it out if you really want the whole blogging thing to work out and you truly love doing it. Just wait and it will come.

In relation to the point above, it’s always good to not be so fascinated with your stat’s and to not keep watching them. It’s easier said than done. Trust me. But over time, I’ve learnt to hardly pay attention to my stat’s. Of course I check a few days after I’ve published a post just to see what the response is like and when I do my monthly stat review, I have a look to see what was most popular. But I’ve learnt not to be so focused on them. They don’t determine your success or what you can do. Don’t let them stop you from blogging. Don’t let them make you give it all up, just because you’re not getting as many views or follows as you thought you would. 

What To Remember After You Publish A Blog Post

One bit of advice that we all should follow is the not compare rule. Don’t compare yourself. It’s the worst thing you could do. Again, easier said than done. It’s human nature to compare ourselves. But try fight it and not let it get you down. Everyone’s journey is different. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 20. Remind yourself that they might have published an amazing post with great writing and pretty pictures, but you can also do the same and make your own work flourish in your own way. Everyone does things differently. Don’t put yourself down because you’re not doing it the same way as them. Keep doing what you do!!

If you are honestly unhappy with a particular post you have produce or it didn’t get the response you were hoping for, then fine, accept that and move forward. We’ve all been there. It’s happened to be many times when I’ve been so proud of a post and thought people might like this, then it turns out it was probably one of my least popular posts. But say to yourself, yes a response is important to me, but what’s more important is if it made me happy. If it did, then great! Don’t dwell on what you could have done or what you should have done. Instead think what ways you could improve next time. Maybe you didn’t put as much effort in as you would have liked to, maybe you rushed it, maybe you didn’t think about when/how you should have been promoting the post or maybe your photos didn’t come out as good as you would have hoped. How can you make sure that these things don’t happen again?

What do you tell yourself after you hit that publish button? Are you guilty of doing any of these things?

Lauren x

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16 thoughts on “What To Remember After You Publish A Blog Post

  • Great post, I get so picky after I publish a post and sometimes even end up deleting them! I definitely need to be more positive after posting. XXThe Fashion Road

  • I read this before my I published my last post and it really made me stop and take a moment to make sure my post was what I wanted to share. Thanks for writing this! =o)These photos are breath taking! You always have such a beautiful way of capturing a moment =o)http://dreamofadventures.blogspot.com/

  • This is a lovely post and an important reminder for everyone. I really enjoyed reading this, so thankyou for posting it! xxhttp://www.grab-your-camera.blogspot.co.uk

  • This post is so helpful. I've just started a new blog after deleting my old one and its so hard not to constantly be looking at the stats and page views. I'm so glad I found this blog as you have some great advice.-Alicealicejlorna.blogspot.com

  • Thanks for the great advice! I have recently just started a blog and I am constantly looking at how many page views I have, so it's great to get some good advice on blogging.blushwildflower.weebly.com

  • This is great! I always get disappointed whenever I see my post didn't do so good and didn't get enough feedback as I have expected. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this, Lauren. I will definitely keep these in mind. :)therenalexis.blogspot.com

  • Oh my gosh I relate to this so much! It's the absolute worst when you spend ages working on a post – shooting the photos, editing them and then writing the actual words! – for it to then not get very much feedback, if any. It can be quite demoralising as I for one really thrive when I get feedback on things. But like you said, you just have to push through it xxhttp://www.lilyolivia.co.uk

    • I'm glad you could relate!! Yes you definitely do, it's not a nice feeling, but you shouldn't let it bring you down ๐Ÿ™‚ let it push you more xx

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