What To Do With Unused Beauty Products

What To Do With Unused Beauty Products

If you’re makeup obsessed, then it is more than likely that you’ll have a makeup collection that is growing bigger by the day. Some products you end up pushing to the back of your draw, reaching for new ones and your most loved picks. You’ll soon find yourself with another collection of products that go unused. Rather than keeping these products hidden away and unloved, why not do something with them? Here’s what to do with unused beauty products:

Give to friends or family – Products that you have only used a couple of times or never at all, can easily be given to your friends and family for free. Not only are you making some room for some new products in your collection in the future, but also gifting them something that they might like and will find get a lot more use out of than you do. Why not gather a few items up that they might like and surprise them with it!

Blog sale – If you have a blog or a following on social media, you can quite easily hold a little blog sale. This perhaps might be better for products you haven’t used at all due to hygiene reasons, but there might be some products you can get away with selling on to others that you might have used, such as foundations that come with a pump feature, which is more hygienic. When selling, ensure you take particular things into consideration like your postage and packaging; are you going to pay for it or will you include it in the price of the product? How you are going to recieve the payment? Will you do it through Paypal or a similar service? Make sure you’re being fair, but also keep to a first come first served policy!

Give away – The same sort of things as above, but only this time if you run a giveaway, it means you are basically giving away any product(s) for free! This can be a great way to give back to your readers/followers for their support on your blog or social media, as well as boosting your following. Again like the blog sale, it is important to have some rules in place to ensure your giveaway is running as smooth as possible. Also ensure you set a date and time for the giveaway to end by, as well as notifying the winner at the end.

What To Do With Unused Beauty Products

Give to charity – Some charities offer you the chance to donate any unwanted makeup, beauty products or toiletries to go towards helping those in need. For instance you can drop off any unwanted products to local women’s shelters in your area or any refugee charities that are in need of providing beauty products to those in desperate need. You could create a package and make it feel extra special for whoever might end up receiving it. It might also be a good idea to pop into any local charities shop in your area to see if they will accept any donations! Or any money made from your selling of make-up could be donated to charity if you wish.

Re-use and fall back in love – Sometimes when we’re constantly purchasing new products or always using the same ones, we can forget about the products we use to love or  never really liked before. So another great thing to do is try fall back in love with it or try it again if you didn’t like it before. Try applying it a different way, maybe a product suits your skin better now, maybe you can wear it a different way than what you did before. If you fall back in love with it, then keep it and use it!

Throw away!!!! – If there are products you really do not like and they’re not suitable to sell, such as being old/out of date, unhygienic, damaged etc, then there’s nothing else to do than simply throw it away! If you’re a hoarder, this might be quite hard to do, but at the end of the day it will make room for more exciting products to come your way. Remember that!

What do you do with unused products?

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