What To Do After You’ve Been Crying

What To Do After You've Been Crying

Crying is a natural human response to a certain feeling, whether that be tears of joy from watching a close friend get married to the one they love, it might be the grief and pain you experience when you lose someone or something close to you, perhaps you cry from fear or trauma you’ve sadly had to deal with. Whatever it is that you made you cry, you’ve cried and sometimes letting it all out is the best way to deal with how you’re feeling at the time. But what to do you do after you’ve been crying?

What To Do After You've Been Crying

1. Take care of your eyes – Crying obviously involves your eyes mainly, shredding tears out of your eyes and down your cheeks. After crying, we will at least once experienced sore, red and a puffy eye area from triggering this stress response. So I’d definitely recommend looking after your eyes once you’ve had a little sob. For example, apply a form of cold compression to the eye. I’d recommend running a cotton pad under some cold water, then squeezing any excess water from the pad and then applying it to the irritated area. Alternative things you could do include washing your face by splashing some cold or hot water on your face to refresh it from the crying, this is also good if crying has ruined any make-up you might have been wearing, also applying a face mask to treat your overall skin or applying a product you know you love and it works well for your skin. 

2. Relax –  After you’ve been crying, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to want to get up and do much. Maybe you do, but if you don’t feel like doing a lot then that’s completely fine! Just take some time to chill out and unwind. Pop on your favourite tv series on Netflix, grab the latest book your reading and escape into a different world through the pages, write down how you’re feeling and why you cried, getting your thoughts down and out of your mind is a great way to see things better, but also get things off your chest that you have been bottling up inside, take a long warm bath or shower, treat yourself to a pamper session with all your favourite products, activities to do and maybe even pop on some of your favourite music to relax to.

3. Talk to someone – If something has genuinely upset you or bothering you to be the reason you’ve cried or even you just feel like it’s one of those days, then talking to someone can be really helpful. This can be anyone from a family member, a friend, a partner to someone you work with, a teacher or anyone you can trust and feel you can confide in about anything. Not only is crying great for getting things off your shoulders, but also talking about it and working through whatever is bothering you with someone else, who can not only provide support, but advice is also super helpful to overcoming any situation. 

4. Do something positive – Crying is normally a behaviour we associate with negative feelings and experiences, so why not pluck up the courage and try be positive afterwards? This can be done many different ways depending on what made you cry. But if it’s something you need to deal with, then work through a solution to the problem by yourself or with support, tackle whatever it is and overcome it. Make a change if you’re unhappy with something and it’s the reason you cried. Don’t let it win anymore and tackle the problem.

What To Do After You've Been Crying

5. Drink water – Not only is water great for you health wise, but it’s also a great way to refresh and hydrate yourself after crying! Also it can help calm you down after being so upset. It can also help prevent or minimise the horrible headache you sometimes experience after crying. 

6. Get some rest – After a traumatic/upsetting experience, you’ll probably feel quite exhausted and want nothing more than collapse into bed. There’s no problem with doing this, whether it’s getting an early night or setting your alarm to have a nap sometime throughout the day. Catch some zzz’s and recharge your batteries!

7.  Meditate – Meditation or yoga is great for the mind! So after a stressful time, doing an easy going activity like meditation or yoga can be great for relaxing after you’ve been crying. It can help calm and ease your mind away from whatever is bothering you, instead replacing you with a feeling of  mindfulness and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

8. Have a light snack – We already know that crying can make you feel dehydrated and bring on a headache. Whilst sipping on some cool refreshing water, why not have a light snack alongside it? This could be a healthy option to make you feel good or an unhealthy treat to get your taste buds tingling again.

What to do you do after you’ve been crying?

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