Valentines Date Ideas For All Budgets

You’re probably sick and tired of seeing all the valentines stuff everywhere at the moment in shops and over the internet. I’m not one of these people to actually moan about Valentines Day. Maybe because I’m not single, but purely because even if I was I wouldn’t be that bothered about it. For me, it’s mine and my boyfriend’s three year anniversary, so it’s a pretty important day regardless whether it’s valentines.

Whatever type of couple you are and whatever budget you might have, I have got some date idea’s for you that will  help the both of you celebrate this lovely day together.

Valentines Date Ideas For All Budgets


If you’re that couple who are strict on your budget, maybe you’re saving up for a holiday or wanting to put a deposit down a house, whatever it is that may be holding you back from spending out, there is still so much you can do on a small budget and still have a great time together.

  • At Home Spa – Run a bubble bath, light a few candles, grab some of your favourite pamper evening products and give each other massages. Nothing beats a good massage! It’s relaxing, as well as soothing for you both. 
  • Do Some Baking – A fun activity and one you can eat afterwards is baking. You can pick up some cheap ingredients from your local supermarket and bake whatever you like. Cookies, cupcakes, biscuits etc. Plus it gives you the chance to work together!
  • Go For A Walk – Drive to a new location near to where you live and go on an adventure. Maybe a beach, a new town or a wildlife park. This could take up a good few hours walking around and taking in the sights.  If you don’t want to drive, then go for a walk in your neighbourhood and reminisce about old memories.
  • At Home Movie Day/Night – Put on some lounge wear, grab a selection of your favourite DVD’s/box sets or sign in to Netflix, order a takeaway or grab your favourite snacks, climb into bed or on the sofa under a blanket together and spend the day or night watching TV. It cost’s nothing, apart from the takeaway because everything else you’ve pretty much got already. 
  • Cook His/Her Favourite Meal – A pretty obvious one but cooking for your partner can really help them to see the effort you have put in for them. Whatever their favourite meal is, why not have a go at making it for them? Whilst it’s cooking in the oven, set the table, light some candles and pour a drink. 


You’re not on such a strict budget, which means you can spend on this particular day. But you don’t want to go too overboard on your spending. There are some affordable date ideas out there for you which will still ensure you’re feeling like you’re being treated and having a great time.

  • Head To The Cinema – Another typical idea, but one that can you can both enjoy. If there’s a film out that you both want to go see, then why not book some tickets to the cinema and spend the afternoon or evening watching that movie you’ve been itching to see. The cinema is basically a go to for couples on valentines haha.
  • A Meal Out – Most restaurants in your local area are affordable and mean you can go treat yourself for a lunch or dinner out. Places like Pizza Express, Ask Italian, TGI’s and other similar food outlets are great for those after affordable yet great quality meals. Plus normally around this time of the month, they like to do offers or discounts off for those couples mealing out on Valentines Day.
  • Go For Drinks – If you both like alcoholic beverages, then why not head to a bar to sit down and have a few drinks with each other. You can just sit and talk whilst still enjoying your drinks. Plus a bar will have a much more relaxed environment than the typical club scene, which will help to make it have more of a date feel.
  • Have A Laugh Bowling – Bowling is one of those dates you tend to think of as an amusing activity to do with your partner, but you never really actually go through with it. Why not have some fun and have a laugh together on an afternoon or evening out bowling. It’s different than the traditional going out for a dinner and movie date that most couples venture on!


If you’re willing to go all out and treat yourselves this valentines day, then here are some more expensive date ideas for Valentines that are just as fun!!!

  • Go To The Theatre – A live theatre production can be a fun thing to do if you’re both into the threatre, shows or love musicals. It can an entertaining thing to go and watch that will take up a good couple of hours.Or maybe she’s just dragged you a long to her favourite musical production haha. Afterwards you can always pop to a restaurant for a dinner date or go have some drinks!!
  • Go On An Adventure – If you’re an adventuress couple, then why not spend the day going on an adventure! Some ideas include going rock climbing, kayaking, horse riding, head to a theme park, go the zoo or a museum, there’s so much you could decide to do. Be unique and have fun!
  • Shop Till You Drop – Unsure of what to buy each other for the special day or wanting to treat yourselves? Why not head into town or to a new shopping centre or high street to shop for the day? Girl’s in particular love shopping! 
  • Spend The Night In A Fancy Hotel – A real splurge this one, but why not spend the night away from home in a hotel? You can take full advantage of what the hotel has to offer whether that’s a spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, delicious food and drinks, a comfy bed and a large bath tub all whilst being together and spending the time enjoying yourselves!
  • Go To A Show/Gig – If there’s an artist in town that you both love, heading to their show or gig can be a great alternative date choice. Or if you’re really willing to spend, then travelling across the country to see them might be another option for you. You could also then do some of the other fun date ideas like sighting the local area, staying in a hotel over night and going out for a meal before the show.

What are your plans for valentines day? 

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15 thoughts on “Valentines Date Ideas For All Budgets

  • These are some great ideas, i think me and my bf are going to watch zoolander on valentines and maybe go for a meal as wellThe Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  • These are some great ideas, i think me and my bf are going to watch zoolander on valentines and maybe go for a meal as wellThe Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  • Greaaat ideas gal! I don't think my boyfriend and I are doing anything to celebrate Valentines, all we do on a weekend is sit and watch Netflix, so I guess we'll count this upcoming weekend as our time to celebrate it watching tv shows! xxBecky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • I loved this post, some really great ideas! Me and my boyfriend both have different tastes. Whilst he likes staying indoors in his room and he'd much rather sit in bed playing his Xbox or watching Netflix.. Where as I love cute little dates and going out for food, the cinema or even just going out for a walk… We both can't agree unfortunately! It looks like he'll win though! xWhitney | Beauty Affair

    • Thanks so much! Haha we're the same, we can never agree on anything, as we want to do something but would probably prefer staying in haha! Good luck x

  • These are such great ideas! Me and my boyfriend are going out for a meal on Valentines day and hopefully if the weather is nice a cute walk somewhere. We're both at uni in a long distance relationship so like to go out and make the most of out time together when we see each other, so we may even end up going to the cinema or bowling too! Hope you have a great Valentines day and a lovely anniversary 🙂

    • Thanks so much Hannah! Aw that sound's like a great day you've got planned there. I hope the two of you enjoy your day together and make the most of seeing each other! Thanks so much lovely xx

  • These ideas are beautiful! I love the budget friendly ones best – not because we are on a budget, but because they are the most personal! I love the Going for a walk idea, that would be such fun!Lovely post!Emmax

  • Looove this post, thanks for sharing! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  • I'm so in the budget category, but it's still some lovely ideas! I'm a real 'home-person' so I love to stay in, and cook or bake with my boyfriend x- Anne | annesmiles

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