Top Trends Of 2016

As we came into a new year, it’s always interesting to look back on the year and see what type of things happened in not just our own lives, but also around the world and what type of things we consumed ourselves in. These are the type of things that became ever so popular and also known as trends. I thought I’d look into some of the top trends of 2016. Even if you didn’t engross yourself in all or even any of these trends, you might find it somewhat amusing to look back on and see what is still around after only a few months or maybe what we’re going to be bringing into 2017 with us. I’ve decided to split it into three categories; beauty, fashion and lifestyle, since this is what my blog is mainly made up of and what I thought you guys would enjoy seeing most of.

Let’s take a look…

 Beauty –

  • Liquid lipsticks – These were everywhere this year! So many different brands brought out this form of lipstick in a range of colours, but the formula being 100% matte. NYX, Kylie Cosmetics and Kat Von D ranges of liquid lipsticks were some of the most popular choices.
  • Kylie Cosmetics – I mentioned that Kylie Jenner has been famous for her liquid lipsticks also more formally known as her lip kits. But Kylie Cosmetics launched earlier on this year and took the beauty world by storm. Not only were her lip kits popular, but also her more recent shadows have been a huge success. 
  • Space buns – Those two cute little buns either side of your head became a familiar look within the beauty world. This style has been very 90’s inspired. 
  • Dewy skin – In particular through the summer months but even in the winter months, dewy skin has become a firm favourite, with lots more of us obsessed with pops of highlight on our cheek bones and glowy looking radiant skin.
  • Cork screw curls – This 80’s inspired hair trend was embraced by many this year. Fearne Cotton, Julianne Hough and Zoella were some of those seen sporting this trend. Can we blame them? It look’s so gorgeous!
  • Dutch braids – Another hair trend that everyone soon jumped on the bandwagon of was dutch braids. You saw the likes of the Kardashians and many other celebrities, including many models on the NYFW cat walks supporting this sporty-luxe inspired trend. It’s the perfect go to effortless look. 
  • Toothbrush style/oval makeup brushes – A new style of makeup brush hit the beauty world this year in the form of a toothbrush like or more oval shaped form. Many lower end brands took inspiration from high end brands ranges and made this style of brush available to all. 
  • Matte lips – Matte lips have been everywhere. The bolder the better.
  • Shadows!!!! – Everyone has got more into using shadows this year, including myself. There are so many talented people out there creating so many wonderful eye looks. It’s amazing.

Fashion – 

  • Metallics – I’m so obsessed with metallics! This fresh and fun trend comes in a range of tones, silver, gold, rose gold and copper. They’re so easy to wear and add a touch of glam to any look.
  • Suede – A 70’s trend that has been big for the past couple of seasons is suede. I’ve been after a suede jacket for such a long time. This one from MissGuided is so gorgeous!
  • Chokers – Another 90’s inspired grunge trend that has been a massive hit this year. Not only has this choker style been in the form of jewellery, but also many t-shirts and dresses have supported this style of neckline. 
  • Velvet – A more recent trend this A/W is velvet. Again taken from the 90’s, this trend has been supported on a number of different casual pieces and more dressier garments. It’s hard to pull off, but when done right it look’s so good.
  • Embroidery – A different spin on things has been the embroidery trend. Designers and brands have added embellished details to jackets, jeans, skirts, shirts, shoes and bags, creating a different twist to folk and bohemian fashion.
  • Pleats – Pleats have been everywhere! On most items like skirts, tops, jumpsuits, trousers and dresses. This detail adds such a feminine and delicate spin on things.
  • Culottes – Love them or hate them, culottes have been a go to piece this year, for adding a touch of sophistication to more dressier kind of looks from work meetings to cocktails with the girls.
  • Bomber jackets – Another piece you either hate or you love. Bomber jackets come with a sporty-luxe vibe to them, sporting a range of colours and styles, there’s so many out there for everyone.
  • Cold shoulders – A previous trend, but that stuck round this year is cold shoulders. This flattering for all trend was big over the spring/summer months.
  • Trainers – Trainers have become increasingly popular this year. With many supporting some form of Adidas or Van inspired shoe. This type of shoe is perfect for those casual comfy days.

Lifestyle – 

  • PokemonGo – The app that everyone went crazy for over the summer for a month or two was PokemonGo. It got everyone outside and socialising!
  • Marble – One that was big last year and has just got even bigger this year, especially in the blogging world was marble. It does look so luxurious though, so can you blame them?
  • Copper – Another one from previous times and definitely stuck around this year was copper! So many different brands for all sorts of different products, from cutlery for the kitchen to hairdryers and hair irons to style your locks have been supporting this choice of colour.
  • Flatlays – Flatlays have been huge all over Instagram, in Magazines and other big brand websites, as well as many bloggers supporting this choice of photo styling. If you can master it, then it bloody look’s amazing!
  • Blush pink – I’m honestly so happy about this one. The blush pink colour is so stunning. I’ve been wearing this within my outfits, my bedding and room features is the colour, my blog is even this colour. It’s such a pretty shade and one I hope stays for a long time.
  • Year of the GIF – Twitter added the GIF feature to it’s page this year, meaning many have been adding gif’s relating to their tweets, conversations or even through DM’s as a new form of communicating. 
  • Hygge – Within the last few months, the danish word ‘Hygge’ meaning a feeling or mood that is produced from taking pleasure in ordinary, everyday moments by being more meaningful and special, has been a lifestyle many have adopted recently. 
  • Bullet journaling – This style of journaling that aims to help you master your schedule, comes in the form of bullet journaling. They enable you to customise your schedule/organisation to meet with your own preference and are super flexible. Lot’s of us started this style of journaling, with many showing so many creative ways to do it and finding it successful. 

What have been your favourite trends of 2016? What do you hope is big in 2017?

Lauren x

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