Top 5 Under £5 – Makeup Products

Top 5 Under £5 - Makeup Products

I’m not really one to spend a lot of money on make-up, only when I fancy having a splurge or have had my eye on a luxury product for a while and end up caving into buying it. This may sound a little odd from someone who likes make-up. But we’re all different. Not every beauty lover is going to love splurging their money on luxury make-up bits all the time and would much prefer to find cheaper alternatives. Those of you who are on the same wave length as me, I’ve got my top 5 under £5 make-up products from my collection to share with you today.

Natural Collection – Moisture Shine Lipstick – Fig Leaf £1.99:

For the price of this lipstick, your first initial thoughts would be that it isn’t going to be one of great quality. The packaging is fairly plain and simple. It isn’t the most sturdy either, since I’ve only ever owned two of these before and both have broke on me if you twist the lipstick too far up. But aside from that, I really like the feel and look of these lipsticks when applied to the lips. I recently picked up the shade Fig Leaf. This is quite a dark nude colour that really represents the 90’s go to lip shade very well. Fig leaf work’s very well on paler skin tones and doesn’t wash you out whatsoever. They feel nourishing on the lips and don’t dry you out. Plus the pigmentation is surprisingly good for the price of these. 

Miss Sporty – Insta Glow Blush – Glowing Mauve £2.99 (full review here):

One product that I have recently reviewed on my blog is the Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blush in Glowing Mauve. I’m so impressed with the quality of this blush and I’m so tempted to try more blushers from this range. The pigmentation is so good! Glowing Mauve is the perfect go to blush for the spring/summer. It creates a really healthy and fresh glow to the cheeks whilst adding a hint of colour. Even though it has quite a shimmery formula, it doesn’t show up glittery at all on the face, which is a bonus if you’re a little worried about using non-matte based products. This is a must have product in my opinion!

Rimmel – Professional Eye Brow Pencil – £2.99:

A brow product that’s quick and easy to use! This is one I tend to reach for when I’m in a rush and I just want to quickly pencil in my brows. It literally takes little time to run the pencil through the hairs and bring them to life. The pencil really helps to fill in any sparse areas of brow hair that I might have. Also I find this pencil really helps me to be more precise with my brows and create a nice shape to them. For £2.99 you can’t expect the best results, but it is good enough.

Collection – Speedy Highlighter – Pearl Sheen 1 £3.99:

I’m a huge lover of highlighters and of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of adding another one to my growing collection. This one from collection is not only very affordable, but it is also so easy to use. The ‘chubby’ like style pencil mean’s you can get more of a precise application, before you blend it using your brush or sponge and also mean’s you can build up the product with no hassle. I’ve never tried a cream based highlight before, but I’ve been enjoying using this. It feel’s light and smooth on the skin. This highlight creates more of a natural pearly coloured glow and is quite subtle. This is one I tend to reach for when I want more of a natural everyday look, maybe when you’re just chilling at home but want a pop of highlight on your face or for those day’s when you cannot be bothered too much. For more of an intense highlight, I would suggest popping a powder base highlighter over the top. 

MUA – Eye Shadow Palette – Undress Me Too –  £4.00:

An eye palette that has been very well loved over the past few years in my collection is the MUA Undress Me Too palette. As you can see, I’ve hit pan on quite a few of the shades and you don’t even want to see the state of the outside packaging on the palette. Aside from that, this is still a palette I go to when I want to create an eye look for an event or just to add something different to my standard everyday look. You can create so many different smokey eye looks with this palette through the use of the different colour shimmery shades and the matte brown to add a contour through the crease. The pigmentation of these are also very good and the stay time is fairly decent for a product of this price. For £4 you get a fair few shades to choose from and a selection of looks to create just from one palette.

What are your top 5 under £5? Do you have any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Lauren x

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