Top 3 High End Makeup Must Haves

When it comes to high-end makeup, I don’t have the biggest collection. I’m such a drugstore makeup kind of girl, so it’s very rare you’ll see any high end pieces pop up on my blog. But with the few items I do own that are high end, I absolutely love  them and definitely think they’re worth their price tags. I wanted to share with you my top 3 high end makeup must haves, the ones I believe everyone should invest in and know that they’ll love just as much as I do!

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks

One thing that always screams out to me when I see the CT lipsticks are luxury! They are definitely worthy of their high-end status. I’m so obsessed with the gold metallic packaging of these lipsticks and the engraved lip detail on the actual product part of the lipstick. The textures of these lipsticks are super creamy and feel so light on the lips. I also find these lipsticks super easy to apply onto the lips due to the shape of the product. They effortlessly glide onto your lips and you avoid having to mop up any smudging. The shade I own is from the Hot Lip’s range which is inspired by a group of CT’s favourite celebrities. I own Kim K.W which is a gorgeous nudey-pink shade with peach tones running through it. It’s the perfect go to spring/summer lip and also so easy to use as an everyday lip colour. After using this shade, I definitely recommend everyone tries at least one of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks, to really see what the hype is all about and also have a go to luxury lip product to reach for within your collection. I know for sure know that I am going to definitely be purchasing more when I feel like splurging. They’re so worth it!

Hoola bronzer by Benefit – 

If you’re a pale girl, then you’ll probably understand the struggle of trying to find a bronzer that doesn’t wash you out or make you look like you’ve applied a load of mud all over your face (not a good look, huh?). For a while, I had been after the perfect bronzer that not only avoided this problem, but also lasted a decent amount of time and performed in the way I wanted it to. Hoola bronzer by Benefit is now my saviour and go to when it comes to contouring and bronzing up my face. It is the perfect shade. It’s a light and natural looking bronzer with no red or orange undertones to it and it’s 100% matte based. I love to apply this over my forehead, across my cheeks and down the sides of my nose to get the full effect of this product on my face. I could not rave about this product enough! Honestly if you haven’t tried it yet but you’re after a bronzer that performs all around and works well on your lighter skin tone, then Hoola’s your girl!

Naked palette(s) by Urban Decay – 

The well known Naked palettes by Urban Decay are popularised for one clear reason! They’re an all around great eye shadow product. With an average of twelve shades in the larger palettes and six in the smaller palettes, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to creating different looks for various occasions and themes. The pigmentation of each individual shade is brilliant and I love how there is a range of mattes and shimmers in each palette, apart from the latest Naked palette The Ultimate Basics which is made up of 12 matte shades. The shadows last such a long time and they’re super easy to blend on the lid to create the always desired smokey effect or to perfect your blending skills. Aside from the original basics palette, I also own the Naked 3 palette which you can see pictured above. When I first got this palette, not only was I head over heels for it, but I originally thought that it was the perfect palette for spring/summer. But the more I look at it and work with it, the more I find myself using it all year round, especially this A/W with dusky pink and metallic shades being popular. If you’re thinking of going for a naked palette, then I’d definitely say bite the bullet and go for it! You won’t be disappointed. If you’re unsure on which one to go for, I really rate the Naked 3 and think it’s one that would suit all. 

What are your top 3 high end makeup must haves?

Lauren x

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