7 Time Saving Tips For Your Morning Beauty Routine

7 Time Saving Tips For Your Morning Beauty Routine

One thing that I cannot stand about getting ready in the mornings is feeling like you’re running out of time and then having to rush. This always leaves me feeling like I cannot perform my beauty routine properly and instead leaves me feeling far from my best.

I’m going to be sharing with you 7 time-saving tips for your morning beauty routine to ensure you have a quick and easy but still successful start to your morning and make good use of the time you have.

1. Use multi-use products where you can – Whether this means haircare, skincare or makeup, try to use multi-use products where you can. These are the type of products that you can create the same results with e.g a moisturiser that provides radiance and hydration to your face just like your favourite serum would. There’s also the multi-use products that can be used for different things such as a foundation and concealer in one.

2. Make good use of dry shampoo – This one is for your morning hair. Dry shampoo helps to mask dirty and unwashed hair, as well as provide your hair with texture and volume. If you struggle to find the time to fit in washing and drying your hair in the mornings, then save this task till later in the day and use a dry shampoo instead.

One great tip I’ve learnt along the way is to dry shampoo your hair the night before. This gives the dry shampoo a good chance to soak into the hair overnight and saves you having to cover up anything come the morning.

3. Prep hair before you sleep – Following on from using a dry shampoo, preparing your hair the night before can save you so much time in the mornings. If you’re someone who likes to do a different style or look, but you find it takes up a large portion of your morning, then focuses on easier methods that you can sleep in. For example, put your hair in overnight rollers or braids for easy and quick waves the next morning.

7 Time Saving Tips For Your Morning Beauty Routine

4. Simplify your skincare routine – I like to keep my morning skincare routine small and simple. This helps me to save so much time and helps to focus on the areas of my skin that need the most attention. I then tend to focus on my other skin care needs in the evenings when I have more time to dedicate to taking care of my skin.

This definitely helps to improve other parts of my beauty routine like being able to apply my makeup within a good time because I’m not having to wait so long for a whole range of skincare products to absorb.

5. Cleanse your face in the shower – when I’m really in a rush cleansing my face in the shower is a quick way for me to save time. Once I am out of the shower, I can then just reach for the other two products in my routine which at the moment is my Simple Hydration Booster and my Nivea Daily Essentials moisturiser.

6. Do something else whilst you’re waiting – As I mentioned above, I like to give a small amount of time for my skincare products to absorb before I go in with my makeup. During this time, I try to do something else to make use of all the time I have, this might mean I clean my teeth or pack my bag whilst my skin is absorbing the products.

7. Get organised! – Being organised with your morning beauty routine can help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and that no time is wasted. Prepare your products the night before by either knowing what you’re going to use or even setting them out for easy access. Storage is also important because you need things to be easily accessible and to have everything in one place so you’re not rushing around from room to room trying to find products.

How do you save time in your beauty routine?

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