20 Thoughts We All Have Watching The Great British Bake Off

20 Thoughts We All Have Watching The Great British Bake Off

One of the greatest shows on British TV returned a couple of weeks back and now having been the third week into the competition, the yearly wait for Great British Bake Off has been well worth it, when you get the chance to sit down in front of the TV on a Wednesday evening with a sweet treat and a cosy blanket to accompany you for an hour of enjoyment and all around deliciousness. Watching this fun filled baking contest definitely get’s our mind’s racing with a variation of thoughts relating to the whole concept behind #GBBO where most of us use this famous hashtag weekly to share our thoughts on this show. Here are 20 Thoughts We All Have Watching The Great British Bake Off.

  1. Let’s be honest here, Sue and Mel clearly make the show!
  2. It wouldn’t be the same without the two of them presenting.
  3. That missing raspberry on the cake during the end of the opening titles really annoys me every single time I see it. Please tell me I’m not the only one.
  5. I just want to eat every single thing that’s been baked, even the things I don’t like the sound of, everything just look’s too good.
  6. I want a Kitchen Aid. No. I need a Kitchen Aid.
  7. Mary has such wisdom when it comes to all things baking.
  8. She’s basically queen.
  9. The sadness you feel when your faves bake goes terribly wrong. It’s ok babe.
  10. Where do all the unwanted bakes go after they’ve been judged?
  11. Why is it always storming or raining outside the bake off tent?
  12. When do they actually film Bake Off?
  13. Bake Off always makes me want to bake absolutely everything.
  14. The smell coming from the Bake Off tent of all the delicious things cooking must be insane. 
  15. The curse of the star baker!!!!
  16. When you remember it’s a competition and someone actually has to leave each week. Please can they all just stay for our entertainment.
  17. Who does the washing up?
  18. The guilt you feel after laughing at someone’s bake collapsing or falling on the floor.
  19. #GBBO is trending top again for another week!!!!
  20. Isn’t it just great how the country unites together for a baking show?

Do any of these things ever cross your mind when you’re watching Bake Off? Have you been enjoying Bake Off so far this series?

Lauren x

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