Things To Look Forward To This Spring

Things To Look Forward To This Spring

  • Warmth – I’m hopeful of this. If you’re from the UK you’ll understand why!
  • Breeze in the air
  • The sun waking you up in the morning – this makes it ten times easier to get out of bed.
  • Long days with more light – I hate winter. It get’s dark far too early for my liking.
  • Flowers – who doesn’t love seeing pretty flowers everywhere?
  • Long walks – I love going for walks, especially with someone else for good company.
  • Less clothing – less layers, shorter sleeves, no more tights and winter coats!
  • Easter!!!!
  • Bright or pastel coloured nails – I love a good bright or pastel nail colour this time of the year.
  • Lighter and brighter clothing – Get rid of those dull autumn/winter colours and had add some bright pieces into your wardrobe.
  • New fashion season!!! – I love spring/summer fashion. It beats autumn/winter fashion hands down.
  • Staying outside for longer – actually being able to stand or sit outside without your whole body being frozen with the cold.
  • Fresh air
  • Iced drinks – I’m so excited for the ice cold drinks that you can get from Costa’s spring/summer menu.
  • Blue skies 
  • Fresh fruit – I’m so much more motivated to eat healthy in the warmer months, who else feels like this too?
  • The smell of freshly cut grass!!!!
  • Picnics – I hardly ever go on picnics. This seriously need’s to change this spring.
  • Easter eggs and chocolate – I’m so buzzing and ready to wake up to Easter chocolate on Easter Sunday. The only time you can eat chocolate without feeling guilty.
  • Feeling more positive – I personally feel more positive and motivated during spring/summer than I do in autumn/winter. It definitely has something to do with the warmer and sunnier weather.

What are you looking forward to this spring? Share below!

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