Things To Do When Feeling Stressed:

We all go through stages in life when we’re feeling a little run down and stressed, due to things such as school, college, work, exams, money etc. I have decided today to share with you some things you can do and some hopefully useful tips to use to minimize stress when this feeling occurs throughout everyday life. I find some of these things help me when I am stressed about something or have bad anxiety. 


There is nothing wrong with wanting to pamper yourself and spend sometime relaxing during a stressful time. One of the things that I love to do to help me relax and forget my worries is take a long hot bubble bath. Using a bath bomb or bath melts can be a great way to create bubbles or add something extra to plain boring bath water. I have featured the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer which can be used to create lots of bubbles in your bath, as well as making the bath smell really good! Also to make your bathroom space extra relaxing, feel free to light your favourite scented candle. I also like to use some products to make my skin feel and look better in the bath and when I have come out, for example I like to use a scrub once in a while, such as the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush body scrub (The sugar crush range is my all time favourite as it just smells so good!!!!) to soothe and hydrate the skin, especially good for those who suffer with dry skin. Also I like to use moisturising products , whether that be a hand cream or face cream to help keep my skin feeling soft and minimize dry areas. This will help you to lift your mood knowing that you’re taking some time out to treat yourself and know that you will gain results from looking after your skin. When we’re stressed, it’s not only our mind that suffers, our body can also react to stress in a negative way, so making sure you take care of it is essential. 

Another activity you could carry out when pampering yourself to reduce stress is give yourself a manicure or a pedicure. You don’t need all the tools to be able to do this, simply grab some nail polish remover, a top and bottom coat, your choice of coloured nail polish and a nail file if neccessary. This can be very relaxing as it gets you to focus on the task at hand rather than your stresses. You could also even apply a face mask and sit down with a magazine to read until it’s time to peel it off.


These books have become increasingly popular recently. I believe they are a great aid to use when feeling stressed and can be a quick and great way to engage your brain to reach a good level of calmness. Some may see these as childish and unuseful, but I think if you use them in the sense for therapy purposes or when you’re feeling stressed, they can actually be a great method of relaxation. What’s the harm in sitting quietly by yourself, picking up some colours and being creative to relax your mind, as well as your body. 


Sometimes writing down how you feel can be a great way to get whatever is on your chest, out in the open, without actually having to verbally communicate how you feel to someone else and having to worry what other people are going to think. I know we shouldn’t worry about what others think about us and we should do whatever makes us happy, but we’re only human and of course sometimes we’re going to be concerned about people’s opinions on the things we do and feel. Writing down how you feel and your thoughts can be great for concentrating on the words and allowing them to flow out of your mind onto the paper. Also writing can help you see things better and think straight when it comes to overcoming problems,  rather than acting on the way you feel, such as anger or hurt. For me personally, before I’m about to sleep and during the night is when I am the most stressed and it means that I have trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep. By having a notepad and pen beside my bed, it means I can quietly and easily use it to write down the way I’m feeling without making too much noise, disturbing people or struggling to try get to sleep when my mind is over analysing every thought.


If you feel confident enough and have someone that would be willing to listen to you without judging, then talking about the way you feel and seeking advice from another person like a friend, parent, sibling, family member, boyfriend or girlfriend, teacher, a work collegue, anyone that you feel you can trust and are close to, can be useful in times of stress. They may be able to help guide you in the right direction by offering you support and advice on some of the matters that are worrying you. Or just even by expressing your emotions and your thoughts to someone else can help clear your head from whatever was bothering. You might even agree to plan something fun with this person to cheer yourself up and make you feel better. Also you don’t even have to meet them in person, you could simply just talk to them on text or ring them up for a chat. 


  • Take each step to overcoming obstacles slowly and make sure that whatever you are trying to achieve is actually achievable. This will help you overcome your stresses without causing more problems for yourself. This can be done by planning out exactly what it is that you need to do to overcome your issue and making sure that you are careful when doing so. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try again.
  • Exercising or mediating can be a great way to reduce stress when it’s at any level. Deep breathing when mediating can help to slow your heart rate and blood pressure, therefore in times of stress this trick can be beneficial when you have got yourself into a bit of a panic. When it comes to exercising, you don’t have to go on a five mile run to try reduce your stress, simply going for a walk, bike ride or doing some yoga can help to release good chemicals into the body which will ensure you to feel better. This can be done with a friend to make it more enjoyable.

I hope that some of these activities or tips that I have mentioned will be beneficial to at least someone in times of stressful situations and when you’re feeling worried. 

Do you have any personal tips to manage stress and relax?

Let me know,

Thank you for reading,

Lauren xx

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