Things To Do On A Long Journey

Things To Do On A Long Journey

Whether you’re travelling by car, coach, plane or train, you can sometimes find yourself pretty bored and restless when undertaking a long journey to reach your destination . I know that I can sometimes find long journeys boring and honestly just wish they would hurry up. So I thought today why not share some ideas and tips of things you can do on a long journey to keep you occupied during your time, instead of clock watching and ensure your journey feel’s that little bit less tiresome.

Things To Do On A Long Journey

Adult colouring – Adult colouring books have become hugely popular within the past year. Pretty much all book stores, stationary stores and supermarkets sell a range of colouring books. The days of colouring only being acceptable for children are long gone! Colouring has been proven very beneficial to relieving stress. So if you’re someone who get’s quite panicky or stressed when travelling, then an adult colouring book might be something you carry out when on your long journey to keep calm. 

Read a book/magazine – An activity that will help pass the time is reading! You can get lost in a good book for hours, so reading is ideal for long journeys when you have a lot of time free. Magazines are also great to have a flick through! Again, if you’re someone who finds travelling a trigger to their stress levels, then I’d definitely recommending having a read of Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world by Michael Acton Smith. This is a really colourful, inspiring and relaxing book to flick through of times of stress. It also has great tips and journal style pages to fill out if you want to. Plus there’s also an app you can download for free onto your phone or tablet, which might also be useful for you when travelling. It provides relaxation tools to help keep you calm!

Journaling – Not only is journaling therapeutic, but it can also be something you do when you’re travelling. If you’re on a long trip away and fancy jouranling your time away from home, then writing about how you’re feeling toward’s your trip and what plans you have in place can be fun to look back on at the end of your trip or within years to come. Also another great thing to do if you’re worried and need to get your thoughts into paper to help you think clearer. 

Games/apps – Whether they’re digital or non-digital, games and apps are easy to access when you’re on long journeys. Most apps/games on your phones or tablets can be used without internet access, which means you can continue playing on these apps or games whenever you like. If you decide against the digital side of things, then buying cheap crossword or word search books could be an alternative method to pass the time!

Laptop/phone/tablet – Aside from the other things mentioned that you can do on your phone or tablet, you could also bring your laptop along for other tasks to carry out whilst on your long journey. Things like catching up with work, playing on computer games, editing posts or videos, whatever it is you could do on your laptop, why not bring it along? Plus you could also download some interesting audio books, podcasts or documentaries onto your device to listen to or watch.

Things To Do On A Long Journey

Music – Listening to music can also be another fun activity to do on a journey! Whether this is popping a cd into the front of the car or listening to your ipod on the plane, listening to music can be a really relaxing and enjoyable simple thing. It’s also great to have a good ol’ sing along too.

Get involved with others – If you’re not travelling alone, then using the company of others is a great way to use up time on your long journey. You could easily play car games, you know the ones you use to play when you were younger like eye spy! Or you could just having a big conversation with other people, pick a topic and create a discussion surrounding it or catch up over your latest on goings in life and find out how people are.

Enjoy the scenery – One simple, easy and completely free thing to do on a long journey is to enjoy the scenery! If you’re travelling by car, coach or train, you can enjoy the surroundings and take in the sights! On a plane, you have the opportunity to check out the view from above and check out the clouds from around you. 

Sleep – If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with shutting your eyes and having a little rest to pass the time! 

What do you like to do on a long journey?

Lauren x

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