The Ultimate Outfit Guide For A Rainy Summer

The Ultimate Outfit Guide For A Rainy Summer

The weather in the UK is never predictable that it’s almost too predictable. The typical British summer time is often described as consistent rain and very little sun. Already at the beginning of June we’ve had this exact weather. It can be difficult to know how to dress during a rainy summer. It’s too hot to throw on your winter coat, but it’s too wet to go out without a cover up. I thought I would put together an outfit guide in how you can dress for a days like this and bid farewell to those morning struggles of deciding what to wear during a rainy summer.


For those days when it’s chucking it down with rain but it’s also ridiculously humid outside, you’re going to want to wear something that is airy to avoid you from overheating. But also something that also gives you a little bit of shelter from the rain. A shirt dress will do this perfectly. It gives the top half of your body (the one that is going to get hit with rain first) the chance to keep covered, whilst the bottom end (the one that will least likely get hit) will be able to still roam free, letting that air circulate and also preventing you from getting wet trouser legs that cling to you. Let’s be honest here, no one likes how that looks or feels!


A lightweight trench coat or jacket is not only great for when it’s raining, but also good for those days when it’s a little chilly, but not cold enough for a proper coat. Go for something that is a light material ,like linen, on days when it is warm yet raining or when it is slightly chilly. You can also get more wear out of it come autumn by pairing it over a chunky jumper. Other jacket options you could go for during a rainy summer include a leather/biker jacket, denim jacket or the increasingly popular bomber jackets. Although be careful what material you pick up and behave of how it might look after it’s been in the rain! Another alternative option for days when it’s cool is a sleeveless jacket over the top of a long sleeved top.


When the weather is gloomy but muggy from the humidity in the air, you are probably not going to want to whip out a really vibrant t-shirt and go out into town with it on (well unless you really want to, by all mean’s go for it…). To keep in theme with the weather, stick to plain t-shits (grey, white, black, etc) or opt for a striped t-shirt to spice things up a little bit in the miserable weather.

The Ultimate Outfit Guide For A Rainy Summer


As already mentioned, you might want to stay away from any form of trousers during wet weather to avoid them sticking to your legs. However on days when it’s not too rainy and you can get away with slipping on a pair jeans, why not opt for some mid denim, dark denim or black jeans. They’re a wardrobe essential, but can also be great all year round, particularly on days when it’s a gorgeous sunshine, but still not warm enough to rock bare legs.


When growing up, we’re always told to put on our wellington boots to go outside when it’s raining. The same can apply as we grow older. Welly boots or rain boots are great for keeping our feet covered, preventing them from getting wet from the rain or soaking our feet when walking through puddles on our way to work. They can also keep your warm too!! Alternatively, if you don’t fancy going round with your rain boots on, pick shoes that cover the whole of your foot like a welly does, shoes like trainers are perfect for this!


Lightweight knits are not only great for autumn days, but can also be great during the warmer months. If you like in the climate like the UK where sometimes are temperatures stay in the mid teens, then throwing on a lightweight knit over a t-shirt or shirt can be great for an extra layer of warmth. Opting for a light, airy and bright colour can help keep your outfit fitting for the time of the year and not make it look like you’re preparing for the winter months already.

The Ultimate Outfit Guide For A Rainy Summer


When choosing what bag to take with you, I would recommend taking something that has a zip or can be snapped close to prevent any of your items inside getting wet or ruined in the rain. Faux leather or leather can also be another thing you take into consideration, because it’s less likely to get as ruined as other materials, such as suede. Also avoid taking any expensive or special bags that you want to keep in a good condition out in the rain, because the water will soak through and more than likely ruin it.


What I mean by this is go for accessories that you know will cover and protect you from the rain. This could include a hat, something like a fedora hat, that is fairly big in size and will protect your head from getting wet. Also you could wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck to protect your hair from getting wet in the rain, but also stop any necklaces you have on from going brittle in the rain.


An umbrella!!! Keep yourself dry with an umbrella. Whether that’s a fancy high quality one or a cheap one from Primark, remember to take an umbrella out with you when it is raining or you know it has been foretasted to. As much as your outfit might be weather appropriate, an umbrella is going to going to help you the most out of everything to keep you dry!!! 

The Ultimate Outfit Guide For A Rainy Summer

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How do you try to dress weather appropriate? Do you always forget to take your umbrella out with you and get caught shot in a shower? 

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Lauren x

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