The Super Cleanser Trio From Freshly Cosmetics

The Super Cleanser Trio From Freshly Cosmetics

~ This post contains gifted products marked with a * ~ 

Freshly Cosmetics are a brand that I’ve shared many times before on my blog and Instagram, but I honestly just love them and I’m so glad I was introduced to them last year because their products have become some of my favourites. I was recently sent their super cleanser trio* to try out and I’ve gathered my thoughts together in this blog post.

Fresh Green Apple Micellar Water

I’ve already tried this product before from Freshly Cosmetics and I loved it back then so of course, I loved it again when using it this time around. This Fresh Green Apple Micellar Water* contains Green Apple and Aloe Vera.

As you can imagine, this smells so fruity like apples and it’s a really nice summery scent. Also with it containing Aloe Vera it means it is packed full of antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C so it’s really good at taking care of your skin and in particular any acne and dry skin.

My skin always feels so refreshed and clean after using this. It’s got such a non-drying formula which really helps to refresh the skin during the cleansing process. Plus it’s so quick and easy so it makes night time cleansing easier. I also find that it works perfectly at removing my eye makeup as it’s so gentle and really helps to get rid of any stubborn mascara.

I could not fault this.  I really do love it as the first step in my cleansing routine and it’s such a good way to refresh the skin both morning and night.

The Super Cleanser Trio From Freshly Cosmetics

Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser*

Another product that I have tried from this super cleanser trio is the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser*. This is my go-to cleanser when I’m using my cleansing brushes as it works perfectly at cleaning the skin, whilst refreshing it and bringing hydration.

This one also smells so rosy and floral. Again another great one for the summer months as it’s so fresh. I find this doesn’t irritate my skin or break it out. Instead, it leaves it feeling so clean, soft and smooth which is exactly what you want. It also really helps to unclog my pores and keeps the condition of my skin in a good place.

The only negative I have to say about the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser* is that it doesn’t remove as easily as other cleansers I have tried. It does take quite a bit of water and washing off to actually get it off the skin. If you don’t rinse it off really well, then you’re just left with a sticky residue so I always make sure I thoroughly rinse it off to avoid this happening.

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The Super Cleanser Trio From Freshly Cosmetics

And the final product in this super cleanser trio from Freshly Cosmetics is one that I’ve actually never tried before. It’s the Detox Purifying Facial Toner* which I am obsessed with. Honestly, I never used to use toners in my skincare routine but I am a total convert now after trying this.

I feel like it has really changed the texture and the appearance of my skin. It’s brought so much hydration, smoothness and radiance to my skin. I usually use this on my chin, a long and around my nose and across my forehead. It has created such a natural radiance to my skin in these areas since doing it.

I’m honestly loving it so much.

It has such a fruity lemon smell to it which again is another great scent for the summer but also super refreshing. It almost reminds me of sweets. I couldn’t be without this now in my skincare routine and I feel like it’s become such a huge essential for me.

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What’s your favourite product from Freshly Cosmetics? Which skin-care products are you loving right now? 

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