The Summer Skin & Body Care I’m Loving Right Now

The Summer Skin & Body Care I'm Loving Right Now

~ This post contains previously gifted items and affiliate links. Products marked with a * have been gifted with no obligation to post about. Affiliate links are used within this post. See my disclaimer page for more information ~

I don’t hugely change up the products I’m using from season to season but there are a few products within my collection that I have been loving using since the summer hit. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you the summer skin and body care I’m loving right now from face masks to shower gels, I’ve got a selection of products to talk about.

Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask* – Dr Botanicals

Hydrated skin is definitely high on my goals all year round but in particular during the summer months when I want to look as glowy as possible. This cocoa & coconut superfood reviving hydrating mask* from Dr Botanicals is one I’ve been using recently within my skincare routine.

This mask is loaded with antioxidants that help to revive and nourish tired-looking skin. Unlike most masks that are quite runny and gloopy, this has quite a thick almost paste formula to it. Because of this, it doesn’t exactly dry up like most masks do and instead sits on the skin like a creamy layer.

Once I have used this a good few times, I notice that any blemishes I might have had appear to be less red and angry. My skin also looks hydrated, glowy and brighter in complexion. It also helps to make my skin feel softer and smoother. Plus it smells like coconut which is just a stand out summer scent. It’s such a great mask for getting that summer skin look!

The Summer Skin & Body Care I'm Loving Right Now

Let’s Flamingle Limited Edition Fantasy Icons Shower Gel – Imperial Leather

I am obsessed with this shower gel!

I started to use the Let’s Flamingle Limited Edition Fantasy Icons Shower Gel last summertime and I fell in love with it instantly. I keep going back to it throughout the year because it’s honestly one of my favourite shower gels ever. It smells absolutely insane. If I could get the scent made into a perfume, I would. It’s so gorgeous. It’s a mix of pink lychee and raspberry. As you can probably imagine, it’s so good!

In terms of it working as a shower gel, I find it lava’s up so well and feels so soft and gentle on the skin. I always feel super clean after using this. Also after coming out of the shower, it lasts so long on the skin. You can smell it for so long afterwards and it just smells so refreshing which is exactly what you want during the summer months when it’s hot.

Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Body Scrub* – Bubble T Cosmetics

I was kindly sent over the Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Body Scrub* from Bubble T Cosmetics a few months back but I have been obsessed with it ever since. I’ve never come across a body scrub that has left my skin feeling so smooth and soft. It’s a complete game changer!

Even when applying the scrub onto the body, it’s so gentle on the skin and doesn’t feel harsh at all. I tend to use this when I’m going to fake tan or want to give my skin some extra care especially if it’s feeling a little on the dry side. This is so hydrating and really helps to revive your skin.

I would so recommend checking this out. It’s become such a favourite in my body care routine.

The Summer Skin & Body Care I'm Loving Right Now

Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion – Palmers

~ this item was bought by myself but I have received a previous sample of this product before from Palmers ~

Faking it till you make it is definitely my motto when it comes to tanning!

I’m definitely someone who prefers to use body lotions that contain tans that regular tan mousse for example just because I find them easier and more convenient. They’re so quick and easy to use. This one from Palmers has been my favourite for the past few years and I always recommend it to everyone who is after a new tanning product.

Unlike other tanning moisturisers, the Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion* from Palmers work so well at giving you a natural bronzed look to your skin. I find if I apply this once in the morning and then again at night, by the time the night rolls around I already have a bronzed look to my skin. It works so quickly and is great for if you need something quick!

Plus it smells just like chocolate. That’s a winner, right?

Hydro Care Lip Balm* – NiveaUK

If you want a lip bath that is super hydrating, nourishing and contains an SPF, then this Hydro Care Lip Balm* by NiveaUK is the one to go for. I’ve loved using this on/off the past few months and have picked it up more often again recently because of the hot weather and want to protect my lips.

It works really well if you have dry lips and need help getting rid of the dryness. It has quite a thick consistency which a lot of people don’t particularly like based on previous reviews I’ve read but I like it and it doesn’t really bother me. I find it nourishing and it really does help to care but still protect your lips.

It’s a great one to throw into your handbag during the summer months when you’re on the go.

The Summer Skin & Body Care I'm Loving Right Now

Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter* – Dr Botanicals 

Who doesn’t love a multi-use product?

This Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter* from Dr Botanicals works as a moisturiser and treatment. You can use it on any dry and cracked areas such as lips, elbows and heels. I love that you can get so much use out of it and apply it onto a whole range of problematic areas from your face, knees to your toes.

It contains a range of oils from coconut oil and almond oil to lemongrass oil and grape seed oil that all work in their own way to soothe and replenish the skin. This is such a good body butter for the summertime because not only does it smell fresh like lemons, but it also gives your skin that added hydration to make it glow.

It’s a really absorbs really quick into the skin and leaves your skin feeling so nourished. You can also use this as a base to your makeup to give you fresh dewy skin which I love and find works so well during the summer when you want that sun-kissed look.

What are your favourite summer skin and body care products right now?

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