The Perfumes I’m Using On Rotation Right Now

The Perfumes I'm Using On Rotation Right Now

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Perfumes and scents are one of those everyday things we apply every morning or when we’re getting ready for a fancy event. They’re so personal and we all have our different preferences when it comes to what scents we love. For me, I have a select few perfumes that I use on rotation that I love and use on a day to day basis so here is a round up of the perfumes I’m using on rotation right now.

Aura – Next 

Now, this is one that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen spoken about anywhere but if you love the scent Alien by Thierry Mugler then you’re going to love Aura! This Next fragrance is basically a dupe for the famous Alien perfume that stole my heart a few years back but obviously for a fraction of the price.

If you’ve never smelt Alien before and want to know more about Aura then I describe it as a warm musky vanilla kind of scent. I’m so good at describing scents, right? haha! It has a very mysterious and sophisticated theme to it.

Obviously, it doesn’t last as long as a more expensive perfume like Alien, but for only £14 for a 100ml bottle of Aura instead of £95 for a 90ml of Alien, you really cannot go wrong. I tend to spray this from day to day as it’s just a gorgeous scent and one I truly love. Plus because it is so affordable and doesn’t cost as much to repurchase it means you can wear it as often as you like.

The Perfumes I'm Using On Rotation Right Now

Lady Million* – Paco Rabanne 

I mentioned this scent in a previous blog post where I shared ways in which you can feel your best but one of my most recent loves is Lady Million* by Paco Rabanne. I’d seen a lot about Lady Million* and knew it was one fragrance I had to try.

I got the chance to try Lady Million* through the Scent Addict monthly subscription service. But it is definitely one I’m going to repurchase sometime in the future because I love the scent. It has a very woody and fresh scent. It’s so feminine and sophisticated. It gives me so much confidence when I wear this!

Because of this, I like to use this for more fancier occasions like meals or drinks out, celebrations and any event where I want to feel confident. I also tend to bring this with me in my bag when I’m staying over at Matt’s at the weekend as I like to pop this on if we go out anywhere for the day. Matt’s Mum actually complimented me on this and said it smelt really nice.

The Perfumes I'm Using On Rotation Right Now

Goldea* – Blvgari

Another scent that I have been lucky enough to try out through the monthly subscription service Scent Addict where you get to chose which fragrance you want to try every month and the one I’ve been using recently is Bvlgari Goldea*. I’ve never even heard of this brand let alone the fragrance before so I was super interested to find out more about it.

My Mum buys a lot of the ghost perfumes and this scent actually reminds us of one of the ghost perfumes in her collection. Because of that, it makes me feel like I get the impression that personally, it is a more grown up and mature scent as opposed to one that is fresh and young.

The scent itself is actually supposed to resemble a goddess which is inspired by gold and light. I can definitely agree that it is a very light scent. It also has hints of floral and somewhat a quite musky undertone to it. It’s very easy to wear every day and I like to switch between this Aura for day to day wear.

The Perfumes I'm Using On Rotation Right Now

Daisy Twinkle – Marc Jacobs

For me, the Daisy range is such a classic well-known range by Marc Jacobs! I’m definitely someone who collects the Daisy limited edition bottles and Daisy Twinkle is one I got for my birthday a couple of years back.

This is definitely a very spring/summer appropriate scent so I’ve been reaching for this more lately with the seasons of warmth and light has now arrived. This scent is definitely a great mix of the two. It’s very light and airy bringing a freshness feel. Obviously, with it being a Daisy perfume, it does mean that it has that signature floral and fruity scent to it.

It’s a very girly and young scent that works perfectly for both everyday wear and for more dressier occasions as well. I always think that the Daisy perfumes are completely worth the price tag and the bottles always look super pretty on your dressing table.

What perfumes are you using on rotation right now?

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