The One Product You Need For Easy Contouring

The One Product You Need For Easy Contouring

The word ‘contouring’ kind of scared me a little. Not in the sense that I actually felt terrified, more that the whole thing just looked kind of daunting and almost a recipe for disaster. When you’re not very skilled in makeup and do it for fun in ways you’ve taught yourself,  having contouring being a big trend in the beauty world and having no clue how to do can be a little scary. 

That was until I tried the Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick and now I haven’t looked back. Never did I  think I would find contouring this easy, but this one product makes it feel so simple and comes completely natural to you. The stick itself comes with two cream based products either side of it, giving it the duo name. One side is the contour shade, a warm toned brown, the perfect colour for contouring with. And on the other side is the highlight shade. This stick is available in three shades. Light, medium and dark, so Rimmel really have catered for all in such a simple way. 

I have the light shade and it is perfect for my light skin tone. The contour shade is the perfect shade in my opinion. It’s not too warm toned to give you that annoying ‘mud’ look, but it’s not too cold tone either. It’s somewhere in the middle. It has amazing pigmentation as well. The highlight is more of a pearlescent gold shade which is more on the subtle side, so I like to use this under my powder highlight. It works really well as a base and gives something for my powder to stick onto.

The creaminess of either side of the stick is very comfortable and light. You cannot even tell you have it on nor can you feel it upon application. The stick style of tool does not even make a difference either. It feels as light and smooth as almost using a brush. This also makes way for quick and easy application. The application process was obviously the thing I was most worried about and had put me off contouring for years, but this stick definitely takes away that fear and replaces it with ease.

You can easily use this stick when in a rush in the mornings or during the day if you’re on the go or travelling. It’s super compact and has no problems when used on the go. It’s really easy to control and you have total rule over how much you apply and how light you want it to be. I like to apply mine in a ‘3’ motion on either side of my face (this covers the cheek bones, jawline and the temples) and then down the sides of my nose, which is where I use more of a lighter hand as you don’t want it to look too harsh. You can also achieve a really straight and precise line with the stick. So you don’t have to worry about any wobbly lines appearing on your face and not having a smooth application!

In terms of what to do after you’ve used the contour stick, I have tried blending it into my skin with both a beauty blender sponge and also a contour brush. For the best result, I have found that the beauty blender when damp is the best option to use. It makes it a lot easier to blend it and makes it look more natural. There wasn’t any harsh lines on my face (again, another contouring fear I had before) and it blended really evenly onto my skin.

I absolutely love the way the Duo Contour Stick made my face and whole makeup look. It creates such a well defined and natural looking structure to the face. I have such a round face, so for something as easy as this to use and to give me such a nice definition, I could not have been more happy than I was about this handy product. 

I honestly could not recommend this enough. It’s all around a really good contouring product for any newbies or beginners like me. It’s also perfect for on the go and to pop into your travel makeup bag. I love how easy it is to use and how good it makes my skin structure look. The affordability of it is also such a winner retailing at only £6.99 it’s a complete bargain and must have. Some contour palettes are more than this and don’t have specific shades for you like this does, nor do they have such an easy and quick application process.

Have you tried this?

Lauren x

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