The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

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Who doesn’t love a good face mask? They’re always my go-to when it comes to wanting to treat my skin and make it feel good when it’s not looking or feeling it’s best. Recently I’ve been using the magic masking trio* by Freshly Cosmetics.

This magic masking trio* is great for targeting specific areas of the face and providing a range of different benefits to the skin based on that particular area. The combination of the three mask work by treating, nourishing, revitalising, soothing and purifying the skin, treating the skins main concerns but still leaving it healthy and hydrated.

Each area of the face has different needs and seeks different benefits to help it maintain a good condition, so that’s why the magic masking trio* contains three different masks that work in different ways to achieve the best results for that certain area.

The masks include the emerald clay mask*, energy c facial mask* and cherry blossom facial mask*. You can use these masks separately all over the face or use it as a multi-masking trio that provides the skin with further benefits than just one.

The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

Starting with the emerald clay facial mask*, this mask is a clay-based mask that purifies, cleanses and controls sebum production to help treat acne and improve the skin’s elasticity. It contains clay and a combination of natural ingredients including charcoal, which work together to purify the skin and deeply moisturise the skin.

It also works well at detoxifying the skin and impurities which is probably why this is my favourite mask out of the trio*. I apply this on my chin which is where I experience most of my breakouts and need the most help when it comes to improving the condition of my skin.

But you can also apply this to your t-zone which is also where I apply it as this is where the skin is most oily and your skin is more prone to acne.

It works really well at deeply cleansing the skin and getting rid of the toxins. When using this, like most clay masks, my skin feels tight and it dries hard. But it is so easy to remove and once it is removed it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and soft.

I love how cleansed and smooth it feels afterwards. I also feel like it helps to speed up the healing process when I’m having a breakout. I’m definitely really loving the emerald clay facial mask* and will definitely continue to use it as I deal with my breakouts and when I want to give my skin a deep cleanse.

The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

Moving onto another mask from this trio*, the energy c facial mask* is packed full of fruit active ingredients in particular vitamin C and combined with a new natural technology of chicory oligosaccharide, this mask firms and lifts the skin to improve skins elasticity.

This mask is especially aimed at those who want to brighten dull skin, fight wrinkles, target blemishes and re-energise the skin so it’s healthier, smoother and more radiant looking. This one is great at reinjecting some life back into your skin which I think is perfect for the colder months of the year.

I applied this across my cheek-bones and along my jawline to really brighten my under eye area and inject some life back into my skin. My skin always feels so much smoother and re-energised after using this mask. I haven’t tried it on its own yet all over the face but I can only imagine it really helps to rejuvenate the skin so it looks so fresh and hydrated.

The energy c facial mask* also smells amazing. It’s probably my favourite smell out of all the three masks as it’s packed full of fruity ingredients. Although saying that every single one of the masks smells so good and fresh so I don’t have a bad word to say about the smell for any of them.

I can see this mask being a great addition to my winter skincare routine especially when it gets a lot colder and my skin starts to suffer for it. It will be a great way to give it an extra boost of energy and leave it feeling and looking a lot more healthy.

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The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

The final mask in this trio is the cherry blossom facial mask*. Now, this mask is the type of mask I haven’t discovered before and what I mean by that is that it’s targetted at irritated, itchy, burned or inflamed skin that is sensitive.

I’ve never come across a mask that is especially targetted at these type of skin concerns. Most masks I use usually tell you to avoid using masks on irritated or broken skin so I think it is great that there are masks out there that can help with these sorts of things.

Because of it being aimed at treating these types of concerns, this mask is so creamy in texture which means it to so soothing and nourishing on the skin. Its main aims are to repair and treat the skin to increase hydration, nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier whilst providing an anti-stress action.

Due to a combination of plant-derived oils, microalgae and plants this mask which helps to provide an instant relaxing sensation, decrease skin reactivity and cure inflammation.

I haven’t got any sensitive or irritated skin at the moment, so I can’t give a full review of this mask but what I can say is that I absolutely love the concept of this mask.

I think it is such a great mask to have in your collection for if and when any skin problems crop up and you need something to soothe, treat and nourish the area without aggravating it more. Of course, if you do suffer from sensitive skin that gets irritated, inflamed and sore, then it’s worth checking this out and seeing if it helps to ease your skin.

The Magic Masking Trio by Freshly Cosmetics

All in all, I think the magic masking trio* is such a good trio to invest in. Each mask works in different ways and provides a whole range of benefits to target specific areas of your face so you can multi-mask, but also they work well on their own as singular masks and treating an overall skin concern.

My favourite is definitely the emerald clay mask* as my skin needs are definitely more suited to this mask because of my breakouts but I will definitely be using the energy c facial mask* over the winter months to keep my skin looking energised and if and when my skin is feeling on the sensitive side and irritated, I will be opting for the amazing concept that is the cherry blossom facial mask*.

The magic masking trio* would work amazing as a gift set for yourself or anyone you want to buy it for with Christmas coming up or you can also buy the masks individually if you feel a mask would be more suitable to you or one of your loved ones.

What do you think of the magic masking trio*? Which one would you go for? 

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