The Hair Tools I Use Regularly

The Hair Tools I Use Regularly Flatlay

I never talk enough about hair over on my blog, so I thought I would shine some light on the hair tools I use regularly. Some tools I obviously use every single day, whilst others are used once a week in my routine. These hair tools help me so much in both taking care and styling my hair. 

One tool that I could not be without now is my trusty Tangle Teezer. I got one of these over a year ago now and I’ve not looked back. If you’re after something that easily detangles both wet and dry hair, then the Tangle Teezer is perfect for you. It really helps to to prevent breakages and also helps to smoothen the hair when styling. The Tangle Teezer is so quick and easy to use. The shape can almost throw you off at first, but it’s really easy to hold and it makes things very quick. I use my Tangle Teezer every single day and sometimes multiple times a day. It’s also very travel friendly and easy to use when on the go.

Whilst I get lots of use out of my Tangle Teezer when mainly caring for my hair, I find that I prefer to use a different style of brush for blow drying my hair. I like to use a Denman brush instead. These brushes are great at straightening and smoothing the hair. They’re very easy to hold and use. I also find the Denman brush beneficial when I want to focus on drying the ends of my hair as I can get closer with the bristles. It’s also a really nice brush to use when brushing out your hair.

Taking a look at more of the technical tools I use to style and care for my hair, during the colder months of the year I always try to blow dry my hair at least once a week. I don’t particularly like air drying my hair in the winter unlike in the summer when as it makes me feel cold and damp. Instead I blow dry my hair with the Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Hair Dryer. I find this hairdryer to be really powerful and quick at drying my hair, which does make up for the only negative being it is quite a heavy dryer. But I guess that’s what makes it so powerful.

I love that it doesn’t get too hot and doesn’t overheat when I’m drying my hair. It always remains a nice warm temperature. Once my hair is dry, it leaves it looking so smooth and silky. I never find it to go frizzy either which is a major bonus. I also love the mixture of white and gold in the packaging. It looks a lot more luxe than it is. 

Also from the same range is the Nicky Clarke Diamond Straighteners that I also use regularly. Even though I have naturally straight hair, I like to use straighteners to smooth and control my natural hair that has the tendency to flick out in the ends. As I prefer a much sleekier finish, the Nicky Clarke Diamond Straighteners are amazing at helping me achieve this. I love that they have a different heat setting depending on your hair type. They’re so lightweight and easy to use. The straighteners glide so effortlessly over my  hair and never pull on it. They also have a locking feature so you can easily store them. Another great thing is that they automatically turn off after an hour if you accidently leave them on. I love using these!

When I’m not straightening my hair, I like to sometimes curl my hair and bring waves to my naturally straight locks. I’ve been using my Babyliss Curling Wand for absolutely years. I’ve been using them so long that they’re not actually available anymore, but this one is very similiar and in a gorgeous copper colour. The reason why I’ve used my curling wand for so long is because it’s so easy and quick to use. I find it easier to handle than a curling tong because all I need to do is wrap each strand around the wand and then release. It leaves me with a gorgeous natural looking wave. I never find the wand to damage my hair at all and it has different temperature settings to choose from according to your hair type. The curls always last a good few days in my hair also, so it saves me having to do my hair every single day.

What hair tool do you get lots of use out of?

Lauren x

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