The Best Moments At A Concert/Gig

The Best Moments At A Concert/Gig

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms or know me in real life, then you will know that I went to go see Harry Styles on tour the other night. I have been a massive fan of One Direction since they were on X Factor and going to see them every year used to be one of my favourite things to do. 

It kick started an interest in me so much so that I would try to go to as many different concerts and gigs that I could possibly go to. I used to love the buzz I’d get from going and seeing my favourite artists perform on stage. It was such a good feeling. The past couple of years, I haven’t been as lucky to have seen anyone in concert until I managed to get tickets to go see Harry, which influenced this blog post. 

I want to share with you guys today the best moments you can experience at a concert/gig, because I’m sure most of you have been to at least one in the past and had an amazing time whilst you were there. So here are my top 5 best moments…

When the lights go down…

One of the best things about going to One Direction tours back in the day was when the countdown used to begin before the boys came on stage. I remember how excited yet nervous I use to feel. The adrenaline rush in my body was one I used to love. It’s just that ‘eeek’ feeling you get inside when the lights go down, knowing you’re going to hear the person’s music you love and see the person in the flesh any second. It’s such a surreal moment. 

Seeing them in real life!!!!

As clichรฉ as it sounds, seeing a singer in the flesh is one of those pinch yourself moments. Everytime I see an artist perform live no matter how many times I might have seen them before, it’s just that realisation that they’re actually real and they’re stood right there in front of you. When you’re so used to seeing them on TV or on social media, it can be mad to get your head around that they’re actually there and a real person. I still get like that. 

The crowd interaction

13 year old fan girl Lauren pushed aside her shy personality to try her very best to get some recognition from her favourite artist at every gig she used to go to. There’s just something about being noticed by your favourite when you’re stood in a crowd full of people and they’ve taken just seconds to interact with you. It’s such an amazing feeling. I even like it when you’ve gone to see someone and they interact with the crowd as a whole, making jokes, talking about experiences and memories. The last One Direction show I went to we even had a kiss cam going round which Harry loved. 

Realising that a room full of people are all there for one reason

This may sound a little weird and fairly obvious, but having a group of people gather together for one reason that is positive and to do something that is going to make everyone happy is such a refreshing thing in a world still full of hate and negativity. Concerts remind me of the good in the world and how amazing life can be. The sheer joy and happiness music can bring to people is just incredible. I know how beneficial music has been to me through my own hard times. There should be more joy in the world.

Singing your heart out

I feel sorry for Matt who would have experienced for the first time seeing me full on fan girl. I hope his ear drums have recovered. But I love a good sing song, don’t you? It’s just something about singing that puts me in such a good mood. One of my favourite things in the summer is driving along with the windows down and singing my ‘lil heart out. At concerts, I always sing loud and proud. I don’t know why. I think because I’m just so happy to be there and excited, it just kind of takes over. I’m in my safety zone, my happy place, where I can just be me. So I just don’t care what people will think. I’m having fun and that’s all that matters, right?

Do you enjoy going to music events?

Lauren x

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