The Best Drugstore Brands For…

The Best Drugstore Brands For...

When it comes to makeup shopping, I always head to the drugstore to shop for any repurchases on my favourite products or to invest in new additions to my collection. Over the years from being a makeup lover and also reading other bloggers and writing my own, I feel like I have been able to work out work out just which brands from the drugstore best for each individual product type. If you’re someone who loves the drugstore for makeup like me or someone who wants to shop in the drugstore more, then keep on reading because I’m going to share with you the best drugstore brands for..

Primers – I haven’t tried that many primers from the drugstore, but I do have a couple of favourites and also know that a lot of people like these. L’Oreal are great for primers. If you’re after a more matte finish to your makeup, then L’Oreal do a great matte base primer from their Infallible range. NYX are also a good brands to go to when looking for primers. They offer a different selection of primers to choose from. Angel Veil is definitely one to try.

Foundations – L’Oreal is one brand I feel do foundations really well and happen to be popular. In particular the L’Oreal Infallible range has been a firm favourite in the beauty world and another mention already in this post. Another brand that is probably my favourite for foundations is Rimmel’s. Not only are they super affordable, but also great quality. My favourite is an old favourite in the beauty globe and that is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation. Another good foundation brand from the dunkstore is Bourjois. The Healthy Mix range is a really lovely foundation range to try.

Concealers – One huge brand that stands out to me for concealers is NYX. They do some of the best concealers I’ve tried from the drugstore. A personal favourite of mine is the High Coverage concealer. It is so good at covering up any blemishes and redness. Other brands that are popular for concealers include Seventeen (in particular for their brightening concealers) and Rimmel (a big firm favourite from lots of beauty lovers).

Brows – There are so many good brow products within their drugstore. There’s definitely something there for everyone. I’ve tried most of the brow products from NYX and could not rave about them enough. One of my favourites is the NYX brow pomade. It’s super easy to use and creates such a defined fuller brow. Freedom are also a great brand to go to for brow products. They’re quite similiar to NYX but just a little cheaper. A brand that I also believe do brow products well are Soap & Glory. The brow pencil’s in particular are definitely a must!

Eye shadows – Good quality eye shadows from the drugstore that last can be hard to find. Although I think Sleek do drugstore eye shadows really well. They have some gorgeous palettes within their line that are great quality. A personal favourite is the Vintage Romance palette. This one is so nice during the autumn months. Maybelline is also a good brand to go to for shadows. Not only do they offer pretty palettes, but they also do some gorgeous cream shadows. NYX are also a great brand to check out (in general haha) but they offer single shadows and palettes that are also great quality.

Highlighters – If you know me, you’ll know how obsessed I am with highlighters. I could go on and on about my favourite brands to go for gorgeous highlighters. theBalm is a huge brand that stand out for me when it comes to highlighters. Mary-Lou in particular was so raved about last year for being such a high pigmented highlight that lasts all day long. All the others in the range are also just as good! Sleek is another brand that is famously known for their amazing highlighter palettes. The Sleek Solstice is one I cannot go on about enough. It’s just stunning! Makeup Revolution also offer good quality highlights for budget friendly purses, whether you fancy a single highlight or a palette, there’s plenty of choice.

Bronzer – I find the drugstore a bit hit and miss for bronzers. But a few brands do stick out. Rimmel, I Heart Makeup, Bourjois, Soap & Glory, Elf and NYX are some of the best brands for powder bronzers. Rimmel, Bourjois and NYX all offer matte based bronzers. Whilst brands like Soap & Glory, Elf and I Heart Makeup offer baked bronzers.

The Best Drugstore Brands For...

Blusher – Brands that do blushers well include Sleek, who are by far one my favourite drugstore brands for blushers. Sleek – Rose Gold is a great dupe for NARS – Orgasm. It’s a gorgeous shade that looks gorgeous on the skin all year round. Other brands that also deliver good blushers are the likes of I Heart Makeup, Natural Collection and Makeup Revolution. The drugstore do blushers really well. Like I find so many gorgeous ones I like all the time so it’s great to have a look around!

Mascaras – One brand from the drugstore is one I always to go to for mascara without fail. Maybelline honestly do the best mascaras and I know I say that all the time, but it’s just so bloody true. You can check out my top 3 maybelline mascaras here. Other brands that are also good at mascaras include L’Oreal, Seventeen and Max Factor.

Eye liners – I’m not a huge eyeliner wearer, but from what I have seen popular amongst the beauty scene include liners from L’Oreal, Rimmel, Elf (which is also now available instore and online at Superdrug), Soap & Glory and Maybelline. All of these brands offer a range of liquid, gel and pencil based liners. I always head to Rimmel for pencil liners.

Lip liners – Rimmel’s lip liners are a popular favourite amongst beauty lovers right now. For a few pounds, they offer soft textured and definition adding lip liners. Eastend Snob is a popular shade. The brand I go to for lip liners is NYX (what a surprise hahah). They offer a huge range of lip liners for a whole mixture of shades. My favourites are the retractable liners. They’re so easy to use and glide on effortlessly. Gosh and Essence also offer some brilliant liners.

Liquid lipsticks – I don’t even feel like I need to give this one any explanation other than NYX do the best liquid lipsticks ever and even just the best lipstick line! Their soft matte lip cream range is a hugely successful range and one you must try if you haven’t already. I’ve got a post on my picks here. theBalm also have a good quality liquid lipstick range. Although more on the pricer side than other drugstore brands, the quality definitely outweighs it. Barry M have also released their own liquid lip kits similiar to Kylie Cosmetics. They offer some good quality liquid lipsticks.

Lipsticks – Aside from NYX doing some great lipsticks, I also find that Rimmel offer a lovely range of lipsticks. The Kate Moss range in particular is so nice and I always find a shade that I fall in love with. They’re always so comfortable on the lips and happen to be perfect for everyday wear. L’Oreal and Revlon also offer some lovely lipsticks.

Setting spray – In terms of finishing/setting sprays, Rimmel and NYX again offer great products. NYX showcase a dewy or matte finish depending on what you prefer. I love the dewy finish personally. I couldn’t be without it. I find it sets my makeup in place all day long and adds an extra touch of radiance to my skin. On the other hand, Rimmel offer a spray that is a fix and go setting spray, which is a primer and setting spray in one. It helps to lock your makeup in place all day long.

What’s your favourite drugstore brand?

Lauren x

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  • I love Essence lipliners as well, they're so creamy! x I've heard great things about a lot of these brands but never tried them. Thanks for sharing. x Nikita BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  • I love Essence lip liners, they're so good for the price! Makeup Revolution have some great highlighters too! Great post, there are so many great recommendations here!xxHannah | luxuryblush

  • I cannot be without my Bourjous bronzer! I know it may be a product that we all have been using from our school days, but I cannot fault it! Why replace it with another option when it is affordable and great?! SO many good recommendations!

  • I love Maybelline, L'ร“real, Rimmel, Wet n Wild and Essence. These are my top top drugstore brands!

  • I feel like there are so many drugstore brands that have upped their game recently, especially when it comes to brows I feel most brands have bought out amazing brow products. I need to try the rimmel and nyx setting spraysCharlotte / Charlotte's Picks

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