Teddy’s 5 and 6 Month Puppy Update

Teddy's 5 and 6 Month Puppy Update

I can’t believe how quickly it has gone but my lil puppy isn’t such a little puppy anymore! Teddy turned 6 months this week on the 7th January and I thought it was about time I finally shared another update with you on how things have changed since the last update.

I was supposed to do Teddy’s 5-month update last month, but I had other important content I needed to get out and with Christmas soon approaching, I didn’t find the time to put it together, so I thought I would combine Teddy’s 5 and 6-month update together.

Teddy’s appearance

One of the most noticeable changes to Teddy has been his appearance. If you’ve read his other update posts or seen him pop up on my Instagram (he’s on there quite a bit), then you may remember Teddy had a lot of black fur and was only then starting to grow it out.

Well at the start of December, Teddy went for his first proper grown-up haircut and so he lost a lot of his dark fur. We know it would eventually happen because underneath all the black was a creamy/caramel colour.

Now Teddy has a lot of this colour running through his body, but he has kept his black muzzle, black tips of his ears and tail. He’s also got a bit of dark running down his spine and a few other smaller sections. Teddy’s obviously kept his massive white paws, his white chest and his white chin.

He just looks so adorable and even more like a Teddy bear.

Teddy's 5 and 6 Month Puppy Update

Teddy also has a slight waved/crimped look to his fur which I absolutely love as our previous Lhasa apso had completely straight fur. So I love that they’re different!

Since Teddy has just turned 6 months, he’s also grown more since the last update, but we haven’t noticed that he’s grown a vast amount recently, so we can only imagine he’s reached his adult height now or will do in the next few weeks as small breeds usually reach their full growth between 6 and 8 months.

What has Teddy been up to?

As I mentioned, Teddy went for his first proper grooming at the beginning of December. I was away in London the weekend he went, so I didn’t get to see what he looked like properly until I got home. Although my brother did send me a photo of Teddy when he got back from the groomers and he looked like a completely different dog from the one I had left before I went away.

He’s still going on plenty of walks and meeting lots of dog friends. Teddy did have an incident with another dog not to long ago, where the dog pinned him down to the ground and nearly attacked him when we were out walking him, but thankfully my Mum managed to scoop him up and get him to safety before anything serious could happen.

I hate those moments because they can really scare dogs, especially when they’re puppies and it can completely change their whole world as they’re still so young and they don’t understand. It can make them really cautious of the world and it changes their personality. But thankfully he was ok and he is more than happy to still meet other dogs, so it didn’t affect him too much.

What a relief!

Teddy's 5 and 6 Month Puppy Update

Teddy also celebrated his first Christmas where he thoroughly enjoyed chasing after the wrapping paper and sniffing everyone’s presents. We got Teddy a few presents for Christmas because he’s just as much as the family as one of us are. We got him a gingerbread man soft toy, a dinosaur soft toy and a new collar.

Teddy’s progress

Back in the last post, I spoke a bit about how Teddy had started to lose some of his baby teeth, well since turning 5 months and going into 6 months, Teddy has lost quite a few more teeth. We have either found him chewing and swallowing them (bless him!) or we’ve found them on the floor or in his bed.

Even though Teddy is still teething, we have noticed he has been chewing furniture and biting a lot less than he did before. We obviously understand why he bites and notices patterns, so we’re very quick to try put a stop to it and he does listen which is a great improvement, as he obviously understands that no means no. Instead, he’ll now walk away and play with his toys or chew on a chew toy to help his teething.

We bought him an antler from the pet shop the other week but he just won’t chew it! He looks at it repulsed. It’s quite a funny sight to see, but we’re just hoping that maybe one day he’ll realise that it’s going to help him when he’s teething.

Wishful thinking, right?

Teddy's 5 and 6 Month Puppy Update

Since Teddy has been listening and behaving better, we’ve noticed he’s got more manners at meal times now. He’ll sit and stay seated whilst he waits for us to bring his bowl to him, rather than sitting and then jumping around excitedly. Teddy’s a lot more patient now and waits like a good boy to have his food.

Now we’re into the 6-month stage, we need to switch his food from puppy to junior which will be a process, as you have to mix the two, to begin with. He’ll also now starting going through his rebellion stage similar to when us humans go through our teenage years.

This usually involves them testing the boundaries he’s learnt (something we’ve already noticed!), developing hormones and being extra mischevious.

Even though it’s hard work, we couldn’t be without him now. Waking up to see his lil face every day, it’s one of life’s greatest moments 🐶

Have you ever owned a puppy? 

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