Why Taking A Day Off Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Why Taking A Day Off Isn't Always A Bad Thing

When I was first diagnosed with mental health issues, I was studying at college and I obviously sometimes needed a day off to look after myself.  I used to receive such a backlash from my tutors and the college for needing the time out. The abuse didn’t stop there. As soon as I returned, I used to receive even more negative comments about something that was necessary for my wellbeing.

Sure I could have pushed myself, but I would have probably suffered more and needed more time off, which would have just escalated the situation more and made me feel more poorly than I already was feeling.

Taking a day off is something that is somewhat frowned upon in society and in particular when it comes to looking after your mental wellbeing. Whilst physical rest seems to be more acceptable, it’s about time we ditched the guilt of taking a day off for our mental health and we should instead encourage ourselves back into a good place.

Here’s why taking a day off isn’t always a bad thing…

You need a day to rest

When you feel yourself starting to get drained or fed up, you then know it is time to take a step back and look after yourself. You need that time to recharge and refresh. If you continue on, you know you would only end up making yourself feel worse. So before that moment can hit, you need to take some time away, recharge and gain back your energy. Use it as your time to figure things out and relax. You deserve to have a break!

You need a day to feel like you again

Taking that time off enables you to catch up on things and do the things you love again. When you’re on top of your game, you start to feel yourself again. When you get to feel yourself again, you feel good all around. Take the time to pamper yourself, see friends and family you might have lost touch with, to catch up on things you’ve missed or need to be on top of so you feel secure again. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

It will help improve your future performance

Whether you go to work, school, university or even just simple day to day tasks, if you’re feeling burnt out, your performance of these everyday tasks are going to suffer. To help improve your ability and perform to your full potential, you need that time off to discover new energy. You need to find that motivation and passion again. You will be able to take care of something else in a much better way than before once you’ve given yourself that time you need.

Don’t forget to plan ahead

Sometimes taking a day off can be a spur of the moment thing, but sometimes you can actually plan for it. Like I mentioned, instead of letting yourself reach that point of despair, stop it in its track and schedule in some me time. By doing this, you’re acknowledging your own needs and care, giving yourself that utmost attention and respect, promoting that you have a good self-worth.

If you’re scheduling time off work or any other important matter, you can prepare yourself for your return and allow people the time to adjust to you not being around. This will also help them and prevent them from burning out too.

How do you feel about taking days off?

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