Summer Nail Picks

Summer Nail Picks

I seem to have discovered that most of my nail polishes in my collection are more aimed at spring/summer, which just shows a clear indication to me and probably you also that I seem to have a lot more choice over the warmer months on what shades I want to wear. I shared my spring nail picks back in March with you all and got so much wear out of all of them. So I thought it was only right that I let you all in on the nail shades I am going to be wearing throughout the next few months. 

Within this post I think it’s safe to say there is going to be quite a few pink options, but who can blame me? Pink is an absolutely stunning colour all year round and in particular during the summer time when everything is a lot more bright. One of the more brighter pink shades I own is from Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine range known as Grape Fruit. Not only do these polishes from the Gelly range create such a glossy finish to your nails, but they are also very vibrant in colour. Grape Fruit is exactly this. It’s a bright vibrant almost neon pink, one that is perfect for summer and any holidays you might be escaping to. 

The next pink pick is on the pearly metallic side of things. One of my absolute favourite shades ever is from Rimmel’s Super Gel range and another grape name, but this one goes by Grape Sorbet. When I first got this, I thought it had a slight rose gold look to it, but the more I’ve worn it, I feel it’s more of a dusky pink with a pearl essence to it. It’s a really stunning colour and one I’ve never seen like it before, so definitely must have if you’re after something a little different to wear this summer. 

Throwing it back to those neon vibes, we have another one from Rimmel in the shade Neon Fest. This is more of a deep vibrant pink with lots of shine. I feel like this is one of my all time favourites. I wear this every summer without fail. It’s just such a go to in my collection for summer and it always just looks so lovely on the nails. 

Stepping away from the pink tones, I feel like you can’t not wear a red polish throughout summer. The red shade I always reach for in my collection is the Maybelline Color Show polish in the shade Power Red. This is definitely more of an eye catching red than your bog standard red shade, which makes it so suitable for summer time. Power Red is also very flattering and will suit a whole range of different skin tones. You can wear this one to so many different summer events, whether they’re on the casual side or more formal. 

And finally the last of my picks, but no means the least, is the classic Matt White. This is from Barry M’s nail paint range. You really cannot go wrong with a white polish this time of the year. Although you have to be careful to avoid looking like you’ve tippexed your fingernails in the back of your english lesson like back in high school. With this one from Barry M, I find with a careful hand I can avoid this amusing error. White nails are so easy to pull of during the summer and always look so stunning alongside a tan. Another great holiday option!

What are your summer nail picks?

Lauren x

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