Summer Bath and Body Picks

Summer Bath and Body Care Picks

Even though baths are more associated with the winter time, I really do love to enjoy a bath all year round. There’s just something about soaking yourself in some warm water, with lots of bubbles and your favourite body care products around you to have the ultimate pamper. In the summer, I like to add more fruity and fun scented products to my bath time and also continue this theme into some bodycare I carry out after my bath. This summer I’ve been really into trying out new products and really upping my body care game, because it’s just as important as it is in the winter time.

I’ve really been into exfoliating my skin this summer due to wearing tan a lot more and also wanting to up my skincare game. My trusty The Buff Stuff* by Anatomicals has been my go to product. I absolutely love the pink and summery packaging. It completely relates to the scent inside. It has a very citrusy and fruity smell to it which I really love and have found perfect for summer. Unlike other scrubs I have used in the past, this one is so gentle on the skin, no matter how hard you scrub. I like to use this when getting rid of any old tan off my body or if I have any dry areas on my skin. It’s perfect at both jobs and I find my skin is so smooth after using this.

On the subject of tan, I like to keep it safe with the Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion. This is definitely the best tanning moisturiser I’ve used. It works so quickly. I literally apply this and then within a couple of hours it’s already given my skin a gorgeous bronzed look to it. It look’s completely natural. It’s also so fast drying, so you never have that sticky disgusting lotion feeling on your skin and go about your busy with no issues about drying. I love the smell of this. All Palmer’s products smell gorgeous, but this in particular smells like hot cookie dough. It smells good enough to eat! I really do enjoy using this product during the summer months. It’s one of my must haves.

Another must have that I can’t get enough of right now is the Coco Loco hair mask by Lee Stafford. This range by Lee is honestly so lovely. The hair mask has been one I’ve been reaching for the past couple of months. I like to leave it on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair for around 5-10 minutes, before I apply conditioner. I find that after I’ve used this not only does it make my hair smell like delicious coconuts, but it also leaves it feeling so soft and smooth. I also notice a difference in the way my hair dries after I’ve used this. It dries less frizzy and dry. It’s such a good quality mask for an affordable price.

The Original Source shower gels are ones I also turn to a lot of the time. They’re also so affordable, but good quality products. I really cannot get enough of their shower gels. The summery one I’ve been loving lately is the mango addition. Of course it smells fruity like mango’s and leaves me feeling so refreshed. I also love how these are vegan friendly and really natural, so it never feels too harsh on your skin whatsoever. If you haven’t tried any of the Original Source shower gels then you seriously need to!

And the final product that I have actually loved all year round, but I feel like it works just as well in the summer time is the gorgeous Frosted Berries hand cream by The Body Shop. Essentially this is a winter release, but can easily be used throughout the warmer months as well due to it’s fruity flavour. I love these hand creams. They’re so pretty packaged and also smell gorgeous. I also find they’re not sticky and dry really quickly as well. This is a pretty bold statement to make, but they’re probably the best hand creams I’ve tried. I can’t wait to pick up more.

What summer bath and body products are you loving?

Lauren x

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