Stuck In A Blog Rut – How To Get Your Love Back

Stuck In A Blog Rut - How To Get Your Love Back

Every blogger at some point of their blogging journey has felt like they have been stuck in a blog rut. For most of 2017, I felt in this position and on a good few occasions considered packing it all in. Flashforward to now and I couldn’t be happier with my blog and blogging.

So how can you get your love back when you’re stuck in a blog rut?

I wanted to share my tips on what helped me to fall back in love with my blog and blogging again after feeling low and fed up with not just my blog, but also the whole blogging world. I lost motivation. I was tired of the blogging drama. I didn’t know what I doing. I was just in a negative head space with it all.

But I managed to get through that and you can too!

Take a complete step back 

There’s nothing worse than trying to force it. So just don’t. It might seem easier said than done but when you take a complete step back and go on a break you’re giving yourself an actual chance to get out of the rut without even putting any major changes in place.

Take your break and don’t settle on a limit of how long this blog break will be because you just don’t know when you’re love is going to come back so there’s no point putting pressure on yourself to have it back by a certain date.

Instead, use the time to enjoy your life, go about your ordinary day, make plans with people, simply experience life as much as you can. Sometimes you’ll find yourself coming up with new ideas and plans because you’ve had that space away and inspiration begins to come back naturally.

But if this doesn’t happen and your break continues to grow longer, then don’t beat yourself up about it. Things take time. Breaks have no limits. So don’t be so hard on yourself. You will get there if you really want to.

Stuck In A Blog Rut - How To Get Your Love Back

Turn inwards and ask yourself why

Something that majorly helped me get out of my own blog rut was to turn inwards and remember my why’s. Ask yourself the following:

Why do you want to blog and get out of this rut?

Why have you continued blogging for this long?

Why did you start a blog in the first place?

Once I had gathered as many thoughts regarding the above questions, I was able to then able to begin to get curious and figure out how I could implement my answers into the way in which I went about blogging.

For example, I started blogging because I wanted somewhere where I could be creative, share my voice and connect with like-minded people. I continued to blog because I love being able to write and get creative, build relationships and further my skills. And I wanted to continue blogging and to get out of this rut because deep down I know I love blogging and I want to continue doing it because I can get so much out of it.

As you can see, giving myself a clear of idea of how I felt about blogging back in the day, recently and now I was able to then see how I could go back to having a love for it. I was able to make more time to connect with people which is something I’ve always loved about blogging and to unleash my creativity my furthering my ideas.

This little exercise can really help you to figure out where your head is at and to get you to start thinking about the kinds of changes you could make to get back to a good place with blogging.

Stuck In A Blog Rut - How To Get Your Love Back

Switch things up and make changes

Sometimes when we get in a rut it is because we’re bored and tired of the same old. So to keep things feeling fresh and almost new, a good idea is to switch things up and make some changes to hopefully get you out of a blog rut all together.

Some changes you could make include switching up the topics you write about to appeal more to what you’re truly interested in, your design and theme, the style of photos or writing you share, your way of working or the platforms you focus your time on.

Switching things up and making changes through experimenting and finding what you truly love is a great way to find your feet with blogging again.

Get inspired rather than comparing yourself

Most of us can agree on the fact that with the rise of social media has become the rise of comparison and falling down the comparison trap. Us bloggers are very guilty of constantly comparing ourselves to those in our industry and can definitely lead us to feel stuck in a blog rut.

Rather than comparing yourself, use your comparison as a way to inspire yourself. If there is someone’s blog or social media account you love, instead of putting yourself down because you haven’t got their chatty and witty personality or you can’t take as crisp and high-quality shots the same as another, think about how you can make your posts more suited to your personality or how you can improve the quality of your shots.

Also remember that your own personality, style and abilities make you unique. They make you stand out because you’re being no one but yourself. You can pull inspiration from someone else and use it to figure out what you want for your own self but there is nothing better than simply being yourself.

Get involved with the blogging community

Getting involved with the blogging community was something I’m so glad I invested more time in doing. The community on Instagram is so supportive and lovely. I’ve made some lovely friendships over there and I truly believe getting involved really helped me to fall back in love with blogging.

Because of this I also stayed well clear of Twitter and really limit my time on there. I find it quite negative and triggering but I know others love it so it is just finding your people and the space on the internet what makes you feel good.

Some bloggers don’t even use social media and that’s completely ok too. Focusing on your comment section is super important as well.

Start conversations with people, be social and active, spread love and support not just to get it back, but because you genuinely want to connect with people and you love the content they’re producing.

Don’t stop reading other blogs. They can really help you to get out of your blog rut through always reading fresh and new inspiring content on a daily basis.

How do you deal with being stuck in a blog rut?

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