How I’m Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

How I'm Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

The start of the new year always begins with getting organised and setting some goals for the year ahead. I thought I would share with you how I’m getting organised and setting goals this year including a look through my new diary and other tools I use to help me with my blog and business.

This year I wanted more than just a basic diary that you can find anywhere, I wanted something more focused and in-depth to get me through the year. I had seen the stationery brand Busy B on Instagram for a good few months and always loved the look of their diaries. So when I found out they had a diary for 2019 specifically for goals I knew it was one I had to try for myself.

The Busy B Goals Diary is one I am so glad I invested in. It’s exactly what I needed to help me set goals in a pro-active and useful way. There’s a whole section at the start of the Goals Diary which focuses completely on goals.

It provides you with an easy to follow guide on setting your goals breaking it down part by part. On the page next to it, you have a section of phrases or prompts as such to help you begin to think about what kind of goals you may wish to set that year. It includes things from mind, body and things to try to money, relationships and career. There’s a section for most things you could think of.

How I'm Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

I love this section as it really gets you to think about what kind of goals or plans you’d like to make for the year ahead. It’s a good way to not overwhelm yourself with trying to think about what you’d like to do and instead gets you to think in a more of a brainstorming kind of style. This really helped me to see what changes I’d like to make without the pressure.

Over the page, you have a section all about looking ahead to 2019 where you can write the things you’re going to work on or have planned in 2019. I’m still yet to fill this section out as I’m writing this because I still haven’t completely settled on what I’d like to do this year. So I might keep referring to this throughout the year when new ideas and plans come to mind. This seems a more healthy way of setting goals for me.

There’s also a calendar spread at the beginning of the diary and throughout each month like a month to view so you can plan each month, make a note of important dates that are coming up and to see what dates fall on which days.

How I'm Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

Alongside each month’s calendar, there’s also a section for you to set three goals for the month ahead and things you need to do that month. I’ve found this super helpful as I’m someone who can get very overwhelmed with trying to work on loads of goals at once and much prefer setting monthly goals. This helps me to have a clearer focus on what I need to do that month and each step I need to take to reach a bigger goal. It also gets you practising to work on more manageable tasks that again contribute to the bigger picture.

There’s also a section for last months triumphs which helps you to reflect on what you achieved well last month. I think this is such a good feature to have as it gets you to praise yourself for what you have achieved and boost yourself up rather than just sweeping your achievements under the carpet. If this is something you neglect to do, then I think you’d really benefit for completing something like this each month.

Much like your month view, there’s also a week to week view so you can plan your week and focus on the tasks that you need to do. You also have the chance to set some goals for the week which is something I also find beneficial. I like having a maximum of three goals to work towards each week as they feel more attainable.

How I'm Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

I tend to write my to-do list, important reminders or any events I have planned each day so I know what I’m doing and can focus on each task. I usually write my to-do list the night before or at least first thing in the morning. I love the satisfaction of ticking things off my to-do list, but instead of putting a cross beside the things I didn’t get done, I put a ‘>’ to symbolise that this can be rescheduled for another day. This way it doesn’t make me feel so bad that I didn’t complete everything.

Another great feature of this diary is that at the bottom of the week to week view and a few other pages like the looking back on 2018 section and the setting your goals sections, there is a speech bubble which includes a prompt to get you thinking like ‘most grateful for…’ or ‘things to learn…’ which I think is such a nice feature to get you practising gratitude and working on self-improvement.

Aside from the Goals Diary, I like to keep track of blog related info like my promotion schedule, a blog post checklist and any PR/finances on a spreadsheet. This really helps me to keep on track with what tasks need to be done, what collaborations I’m working on and the promotion I need to implement.

How I'm Staying Organised + Setting Goals This Year

I love that it’s all in one place as this helps me to refer to it with ease and keep organised with my blog each week. This helps me to see which posts are going up that week and what steps I need to take to get the post ready. Using this spreadsheet has honestly been a game changer and really gets me to work efficiently.

At the end of the month, I also like to highlight the post that has been received the best, so I can build ideas around it or see what topics appear to be the most popular.

There’s also my blog reader survey results that I collected at the end of last week. I always find doing these surveys at the end of the year really useful in figuring out who’s reading my blog, what they like/dislike, what improvements I could make and different ideas I could try coming into a new year.

I will be posting the results to the survey this week so keep an eye out for that!

How are you getting organised and setting goals this year? 

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