How I’m Staying Inspired & Consistent With Instagram

How I'm Staying Inspired & Consistent With Instagram

Throughout last year I had a love/hate relationship with Instagram like many other bloggers. However around 4 or 5 months ago, I’ve fallen more in love with the platform and actually find myself enjoying it more than hating it. I’ve managed to fall into a good place with it and more often than not find myself staying inspired and consistent with Instagram which in turn has benefited not only my growth but my love for it too.

So how have I managed to stay consistent and inspired with Instagram?

Reflecting and recreating 

Each week when I’m working on taking photos for my Instagram and thinking about what kind of content I need or want to put out that week, more recently I have been looking back at my photos over the past month or so and drawing inspiration from my previous creations.

This has helped me to get re-inspired and think of new ideas taken from original ideas I have had. By recreating familiar styles, themes or sets up from previous images, I have been able to develop my own brand consistency and have been able to make my feed flow better as a whole.

For example, if I have taken a photo of my desk set up a few weeks ago, then I’ll update that image with a new style or set up that I have switched up. Sticking the same style of photos really does help to keep you focused on the type of content you want to put out but also makes you more recognisable to your audience.

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Keeping on brand helps consistency

As I briefly mentioned above, taking similar pictures with similar themes, setups and colours can really help to build up a brand for yourself and for your audience to begin to recognise your photos from you amongst the rest of their following.

By having somewhat a kind of theme or style that I like sticking to has helped me to be consistent because I have a clear idea of what kind of shots I’d like to take and how they will fit into my feed already. This really helps to keep me constantly inspired and nowadays I very rarely struggle for ideas because I have a good sense of what fits into the brand I’ve created for myself.

A theme as such won’t be for everyone, but I think having a rough idea of what kind of photos you’d like to stick to really does help to keep you consistent with your posting and always thinking of new ideas. Plus you always have the option to switch it up when you’re wanting a refresh or make a change with your type of content.

Reusing the same props

One thing I always used to beat myself up about is using the same props in photos and how I didn’t have unlimited funds to continuously buy fresh props for photos. I read a tip from Connie also known as WhatShePictures in which she highlighted that it is completely ok to reuse the same props in your photos and it was honestly the reminder I needed that I could be creative with what I already had.

Props give you the opportunity to be flexible and imaginative with your photography. If your someone who struggles with photography, experimenting with props is a great way to improve your skills and get used to working with different angles or setups.

It also goes back to the whole brand recognition and showcasing some consistency through your feed. Props help you to be more recognisable as people will know them as the things you like to use and what help to make your photos.

Using the same props time and time again, switching them up for different shots, helps you to be consistent because you are working with what you’ve got and don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for new props all the time.

Using available resources

When my inspiration is really at an all-time low, then I’ll check out some other resources for some extra help. This can include Pinterest, other blogs, my favourite Instagrammers or stock photos.

I’ll head to my Pinterest boards ‘Blog Photography Inspiration’ and ‘Instagram Ideas’ for further ideas and inspiration on what I could create for future content.

If I’m taking a beauty shot, then I’ll look at a lot of beauty related images to see how I could style a particular photo of a certain product or topic I’m focusing on. For things like skincare, I’ll look at how people have demonstrated them applying products.

I’m loving bringing a real-life touch to my shots at the moment. It’s definitely helping with my confidence and for my audience to get to know me better.

There’s nothing wrong with using outside resources for some inspiration, as long as you’re not copying the entire image. Instead, add your own twist on things to make it truly represent you and what you’re about. I like to pull particular angles or certain layers from photos I see online and try to add my own spin on these styles with my own pieces.

How do you stay inspired and consistent with Instagram?

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