How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

When working from home it can be difficult to stay motivated and focused on what you need to get done. Whether you’re self-employed, taking on a project from home or studying, you need to make working from home work for you.

I work from home and within the past few months, I feel as though I have found my way with working from my own space, so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a few tips and ideas that have helped me to stay motivated and get work done!

Limit your distractions

This is a fairly obvious tip but limiting your distractions can help massively in helping you to concentrate on what work needs to be done and therefore motivating yourself to do it. Some of my work is from my phone, so my phone is usually somewhere close by, but I do try to limit the number of times I use it when I’m working as it is such a big distraction if not.

I also find having the TV on just as a distraction as my phone, so I make sure that it’s off and that the only noise is either from the radio, a podcast or a playlist. You may have other distractions or find background noise distracting, so it’s a good idea to put plans in place to avoid these things from unmotivating you.

You could keep them out of the room, set yourself time limits not to touch them, get someone else to make you accountable for keeping away or give yourself a time slot to have a break from work and revisit them, almost like a reward for your efforts and hard work. Try to find something that works for you. It might take a bit of experimenting to find what works.

Make your own space

When working from home, you don’t always need a proper office space or even a desk to make your own working space. The luxury of working from home means you make it work for you. So if you want to set up your workspace on the sofa, up the kitchen table or somewhere you find super comfortable, then go for it.

I’m someone who is a firm believer in making your working space comfortable, calming, organised and motivating. I tend to alternate between my desk and the kitchen table. Sometimes on more difficult days where I’m not feeling so great, the sofa becomes my best friend. It’s all about finding your space and doing what feels best for you.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you have all the things you need to hand like your planners, notebooks, books, stationery, whatever it may be, make sure you can reach it with ease and make use of it.

If you enjoy working from a desk, you could even style your desk space to make it your perfect motivational space. You could add motivating and inspirational prints, fresh plants and flowers, pretty decorations and anything else that makes your space feel like you.

Make your routine work for you

One of the things I love about working from home is that I am in control of my day to day routine. It means I can make time to do the important things I want to do aside from my work during the day like ensuring I go for a walk to benefit my wellbeing and attending important appointments each week.

I always think a good mixture of business and pleasure is a great way to go. You get to decide what you do when, so don’t forget to include the two when figuring out what you’re going to be doing each day. Of course some days you might do more business than pleasure and so forth. But remember that’s completely normal and comes with the perks.

Don’t be afraid to be flexible if you like being able to have freedom with your time and mix things up from day to day so you’re constantly staying motivated and inspired. But also know that it’s ok if you want to stick to a more stricter routine if you feel as though you work better and maintain your motivation when being more strict with your schedule.

Get organised

I would never get anything done if I didn’t have a to-do list to follow each day. My planner this year has been a savour and I’ve made such good use of it. It’s not only helped to keep me organised, but it’s been great at keeping me motivated and focused on my work.

To do lists, online sites like Trello or apps, a calendar can be great ways to get you organised and motivated to crack on with any work. It gives you the chance to prioritise tasks by importance or deadlines, as well as helping you to see what actually needs to get done down in front of you, rather than having it all circling around your head.

Celebrate your victories

Whilst it is great to focus on the end goal and what you want to work towards, don’t forget to celebrate each milestone and step you take towards that bigger goal. Celebrate your small victories. This will help to keep you motivated and going throughout the whole process.

Reward yourself often to let yourself know how much you appreciate your hard work and effort. The more you do this, the more likely you are to build upon your success and use this to drive your motivation to achieve more.

Get ready each day

We all love a lazy day once in a while, but it is so important that you get ready each day just like you would if you were leaving the house to go to work or to study. Set an alarm the night before so you know when you need to get up and start the day. Do your usual routine that you would to get ready.

Have a shower, wash your face, do your skincare, put on some makeup, brush your hair, have a good breakfast to start the day and get dressed. I always go for comfort but something a little more put together than just pyjamas or your lazy day attire. But if you feel more comfortable working in your pyjamas, then why the hell not?

By getting ready each day, you’re putting yourself into work mode and motivating yourself to get on with the day rather than staying in bed or lazing around on the sofa binge watching morning TV. It helps you to recharge and start the day in the best way possible.

How do you stay motivated?

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