Spring/Summer Fragrances

Spring/Summer Fragrances

Now spring has officially sprung (although the weather here in the U.K will beg to differ, snow in April?!), I thought it was about time I started to use more spring and summer themed fragrances. It’s nice to change up the fragrance you’re wearing every season, just like you would with your wardrobe and your make-up choices. Today’s post is going to be all about the fragrances I’m going to be reaching for throughout the warmer months.

Spring/Summer Fragrances


This girly, pretty and pink glass styled bottle from Soap & Glory is the perfect fragrance for this time of the year. If you’re familiar with Soap & Glory, the scent of this fragrance is very much like the classic Soap & Glory smell you find with some of their other original products. It is what could be described as having quite a sweet delicate rose kind of scent to it mixed with a citrus like essence. It’s more on the subtle side, as opposed to being over powering. One great thing is that this scent is so classic that it could easily be worn all year round! So you wouldn’t just have to limit it to one or two seasons, you could wear it during all four. 

It comes in quite a large bottle, so you don’t have to worry about going through this quickly and one or two sprays is just enough to keep you smelling lovely throughout the day. It might not be very travel friendly for everyday because of how big it is, but maybe for longer trips away or holiday’s  it would be more suitable. 

Plus it’s quite affordable, being under £10 at £7!!!!!

Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to this fragrance mist online, you might have to head to  your local boots to try find this. But you can get this exact scent in a body mist.  Alternatively try one of the other scents from the fragrance mist range, such as Sugar Crush (which btw, happens to be my favourite scent from Soap & Glory, it smell’s amazing!!) or Fruitigo

Spring/Summer Fragrances


This is the latest addition to my fragrance collection! Body Fantasies is an American based brand that launched in the UK in Superdrug stores back in February. They had been sold out for ages in my local store, so I kind of gave up of finding them. Until the other week, they were back in and were on offer, so I had to pick up a couple. These are currently still on offer here for £1.98, but their original price is still so affordable at £3.99.

One of them happened to be Pink GrapeFruit. This smell’s absolutely incredible!!! It reminds me of a fruity cocktail or something very familiar to what the drink Caribbean Twist smells like. It is highly fruity and has quite a strong scent to it. But it’s nothing too overpowering. I am in love with it!!! It’s such a great scent for the summer time. It literally makes you want to sit on the beach in the sun with a refreshing drink beside you.

I love how travel friendly these bottles are. They’re an average size, so you can quite easily throw them into your bag everyday and use them throughout the day whenever you need another top up or fancy smelling the gorgeous scent all over again. 

I’d definitely recommend these fragrances to anyone!!!!


Victoria Secret products have only been accessible to me by trips to London or shipping online, which costs so much money to do. However, over the Valentines period I saw Victoria Secret sprays and moisturisers appearing on the shelves of Superdrug and being stocked on their website. I absolutely love when an inaccessible brand is that little bit easier to access. Therefore, I took full advantage of seeing the Victoria Secret sprays in Superdrug for only £10 each.

One of the sprays I picked up was the Love Spell mist. It’s another citrus and fruit inspired fragrance, again perfectly suitable to this year of the year. It’s very soft and feminine. Another fragrance that isn’t overpowering but yet still strong. You really do not need to spray a lot to get the full result of this fragrance. 

Like every other Victoria Secret spray I’ve tried, Love Spell lasts a really long time during the day. You don’t need to worry about spraying this constantly throughout the day, unless you’re like me and simply can’t help it but spray more, because it really does smell just too good. Again, another great one to throw into your bag for everyday wear!

They’re a brand that is definitely worth the price tag and live up to the hype surrounding their fragrances.

Spring/Summer Fragrances


Although this perfume was limited edition, I still thought I would include it in this post anyway. I absolutely love the Marc Jacob’s Daisy range. All the scents smell so lovely and this one is no exception. The limited sorbet fragrance is what could be described as floral, fresh and somewhat fruity. I believe it is a mixture of the scents Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh.

 How pretty is this packaging? The Daisy range bottles are always so stunning, girly and designed so well. They’re definitely so aesthetically pleasing and ones you can spot from a far when browsing the fragrance section in stores. They also come with such unique lids, that really help to make them stand out from the rest. This one featuring a famous recognised design from Marc Jacobs, the flower design consisting of purple, pink and red, very spring and floral inspired, which represents the scent well.

Aside from the packaging and scent, the strength and stay power of this perfume definitely makes the price tag very worth it. This perfume only requires one or two sprays and will genuinely last you all day. This is always what you want when you purchase a perfume that is more on the expensive side. In that sense, you definitely do get what you pay for with this perfume.

Because you cannot pick up this exact one any more, the Marc Jacob Daisy collection includes. Daisy Blush, Daisy Dream, Daisy & Daisy Eau So Fresh, bearing in mind that the Sorbet Edition includes scents from Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, it might be a good idea to check out these two!

What are your favourite spring/summer fragrances?

Lauren x

P.S How cute is the flamingo notebook I have used in the photos of this post? I’m in love with it.

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22 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Fragrances

  • I'd never thought about changing my fragrance every season like you do with clothes – but that's such a good idea! These fragrances look lovely xx

  • I know I've smelled some of these fragrances! They are perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing =o)http://dreamofadventures.blogspot.com/

  • I love the Victoria's Secret body mists, I've got quite a few and they're so nice and fruity and summery! The Daisy range by Marc Jacobs is also incredible, I don't own any of the perfumes but I've been smelling them every time I see them around in stores hahawww.saarasofia.com

  • I love switching up my fragrance based on the seasons… so am definitely open to trying more summery scents.. I love the Victoria's Secret sprays and definitely want to stock up on some! Also… I LOVE Soap and Glory's sugar crush scent… it lived on my desk at work and I cannot get enough of it !!Sairawww.throughtheglitterglass.wordpress.comxo

  • I also have the VS love spell! I reallyyyy want the Marc Jacobs one! Love your blog xvanityflows.blogspot.com

  • All of these fragrances sound sooo gorgeous Lauren. I adore Spring and Summer fragrances so much. I love the Soap and Glory scents too, the Sugar Crush scent really is so so nice! I'd love to try the Victoria's Secret fragrance, it sounds so lovely. I love the photos in this post too, so cute and summery! xoohhelloitshannah.blogspot.co.uk

  • This was so nice! Yes, the marc jacobs one is so pretty looking.. I'm sure it has a great scent too. I've always wanted to try one of the Daisy perfumes. xjulia julia in bluhm

  • Although I haven't tried the majority of these, they all sound delightful! I adore Victoria's Secret range of fragrances, especially the mists. The coconut one is my favourite but Love Spell sounds lovely for a fruitier scent. Hopefully now the weather's slowly picking up you will get some usage out of these! Fingers crossed the sunshine lasts xBridie | The Same Old Chic

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