Spring Nail Picks

Spring Nail Picks

Is it just me or is anyone else super excited to be swapping their dark winter hues for more fresh and light spring picks? Nail’s are always the one place I start when it comes to changing up my colour choices as we move through the seasons. I love spring. You’ll probably have gathered that if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, but if not you will soon find out with the new exciting spring content coming your way over the next couple of months. Because of my love for spring, I’ve got lots of gorgeous shades within my nail polish collection that I’m going to be reaching for over the course of the next few months that I can’t wait to share with you!

Spring Nail Picks

For me, you can’t have spring nails without a couple of pink shades popping up! Pink is huge right now in all areas of the beauty and fashion world. The pink shades I am going to be opting for throughout spring include Essie’s Fiji, which is a really pale pink that looks so pretty on the nails. It’s the perfect girly go to shade. It would also look so good for any more formal occasions like a spring wedding, afternoon tea or an evening gathering. Fiji can appear quite opaque when first applied, so a good 2-3 coats is ideal to get the most pigmentation from the varnish. In comparison to other Essie shades, the consistency of Fiji doesn’t appear to be as good, but with a careful application and time to give them to dry you can achieve a lovely look with this shade. 

The second is one from Barry’s M gelly range in the shade Acai Smoothie – one that I am totally obsessed with and think is such a gorgeous colour to have within your nail varnish collection. I don’t own anything quite like it. It’s really unique and one that is fabulous for the spring/summer months. I would describe it as being a dusky purple pink. The great thing about the gel range from Barry M means they only need a couple of coats of polish and they last a decent amount of time before chipping begins. Acai Smoothie is a must have nail shade!

Spring Nail Picks Swatches

On the topic of purple tones, I have the cutest pastel purple shade within my collection that I get out every spring. It’s from Rimmel’s 60 seconds super shine by Rita Ora in the shade Go Wild Er Ness. This makes my nails look so lovely and bright for the spring time. I absolutely love this colour and this nail varnish range from Rimmel. They’re so cheap and have a wonderful colour selection. I always find that this polish in particular lasts such a long time on my nails. Go Wild Er Ness is the perfect pastel shade option to go for.

Also from Rimmel’s 60 seconds super shine range is one that is more on the nude side of things. You can’t go wrong with a nude for spring! Caramel Cupcake not only sound’s good enough to eat, but it’s also such a wearable nude. It’s not too out of there at all. It’s just right and would suit a lot of different skin tones. It doesn’t wash out my light skin nor does it look too similiar. It’s just perfect! Caramel Cupcake has such a glossy finish to it, so it would work well for more formal events, as well as wearing it as a casual everyday shade. It would be suitable for work and play.

Finally we have another Barry M gelly favourite only this time it’s more on the blue side of things. Elderberry is also one of my most reached for shades within this range from Barry M. It’s a dusty medium blue colour. It also has slight grey tones running through it. This is such a spring shade and great for the transition period, from the chilly winter into the blooming months of Spring. I am so inlove with this bright and fresh shade.

What nail colours are you going to be opting for throughout Spring?

Lauren x

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