Week In The Life – Slow Living and Blogging

Week In The Life - Slow Living and Blogging

I absolutely love having a nosey into everyone’s week and thought it might be fun to do a week in the life post over on my blog. Back last year when I tried to do Youtube, I enjoyed vlogging parts of my day and sharing my week with you guys, so I thought why not do the same over on my blog so you can see what I get up to.

When recording this week in the life, I was actually having more of a slow living week because my mental health was rubbish the previous week and my body was totally reacting to the stress, so much so that I made the decision to live a little slower. I guess this will give you a good reality of what life can be like behind the blog and Instagram.

Monday 4th February 2018 | Week In The Life

I usually wake up at home on a Monday so after I’ve seen Matt off to work and after not feeling so great at the weekend, I headed back to bed for a little bit of a lay in. I usually get up and sit downstairs, but seeing as I wasn’t feeling my best I thought I would listen to my body and rest. Once I had gotten up and had breakfast, I wrote a small to do list for the day ahead, not putting too much pressure on myself to get everything done.

I ended up taking some photos for the blog and Instagram. Most of the time I take blog photos in the morning as the lighting is always better. After I had done that, I actually did a short workout (although blog photos can feel like a workout sometimes to get the perfect angle). I’ve loved working out lately and the feeling I get afterwards is something I never used to get until lately. It makes me feel so energised and good!

Once I had done my workout, I did a few blog admin bits that needed to get done. I try not to do too much blog work over the weekend as I like to give myself a little break and do other things. So Monday is always the day I tackle any admin related things like emails, organising and planning.

After lunch, I worked on setting up my business which is still very much in the process. But I began to put together a social media strategy for my launch and to try to maintain once things are up and running. I remember feeling quite distracted that afternoon and ended up looking at holidays whilst I was trying to put together my strategy.

By the time I was done, it was time to go have a shower and get ready to head to my boyfriend’s Matt’s. We ended up watching the Escape Room movie and it definitely put me off ever going to an escape room. No thank you. Then our movie night got replaced with the football until we headed off to bed for some zzz’s.

Tuesday 5th February 2018 | Week In The Life

On Tuesday I actually headed into the city with My Mum to go on a little shopping trip. We rarely ever get the chance to go shopping together and seeing it was her birthday the following day, it was nice to go together and spend some time together. I found way too many nice things in Primark! Hello, their Spring and Summer range. My favourite seasons for fashion!

When we got back, we had some lunch and I tried to take some blog photos after. I don’t think they came out so good though so it was kind of a waste of time, at least I gave it a shot, right? I then did some leftover admin from the day before and then put together a blog post ‘4 Overnight Masks That Work Their Magic By Morning‘. Once I had finished with the post, I planned some future content and wrote out my days for my week in the life post.

That evening I ended up going out with my Dad for some last minute presents and bits for my Mum’s birthday. Men are so organised, right? Once we got back, I literally just relaxed until bed.

Wednesday 6th February 2018 | Week In The Life

On Wednesday’s, I don’t have much time throughout the day to get a lot done. So when I wake up, I usually try to make the most of the time that I do have. Obviously, it was my Mum’s birthday, so I sat with her to open her presents and cards before I retook some photos that I didn’t like from the day before and then published a post.

Then I caught up with my comments and read some new blog posts from my favourite bloggers. I try to do this every day as it’s one of my favourite ways to keep up to date with everyone! After I’ve scheduled or published a blog post, I make sure I schedule some promotion for that post and previous content. I also planned some of my Instagram feed as this always helps me to keep active and consistent with my posting.

After all of this, I got ready for the day and headed to an appointment. By the time I get back, I don’t have much time until I’m going back out again, only this time back to Matt’s to see him. After cooking tea, I settled down to watch some TV when I received an exciting email from Charlotte with my blog coaching package.

I spent the evening reading through that and then worked on my Instagram which usually involves me uploading a post and working on my engagement. I love interacting with everyone on Instagram. It’s like a little community over there and I love supporting everyone’s amazing content. Come on over and join in the conversation if you like!

Before bed, I started reading some of Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon. I’m not too sure on it yet. I haven’t picked it back up again for a good week or so as I’m not really feeling it so far. I know it’s been raved about in the past, but I don’t know if it’s just a little bit too much for me personally.

Have you ever read it?

Thursday 7th February 2018 | Week In The Life

After a not so productive day throughout a Wednesday, I then like to use Thursday like a Monday and try to catch up on things. I took some more photos again. You can probably see a pattern here. I spend most of my time taking photos. They’re probably the most time consuming for me.

I also caught up with any blog or Instagram comments from the previous day and after putting together a post for the next day, I scheduled some promotion for the blog post which was a part in my Meet The Blogger series. I love putting these posts together as I love being able to interview different bloggers and find out more about them.

Before lunch, I also scheduled in another workout. I don’t tend to work out any more than two to three times a week because I don’t want to push myself too much with my mental health and stomach issues. But as I said, I am really enjoying my workouts and feel like I am getting more ready to push myself a little bit more in the coming weeks. I use the SworkIt app for my workouts and add in weights where I feel necessary.

After reading through my coaching package the previous night, I took some notes that following afternoon on areas that I might choose to work on, improvements I might want to make and any helpful tips or advice I could take away from the package. Blog coaching has had some negative comments lately, but honestly, Charlotte put together points and helpful resources I had never even thought much about before. Definitely not stuff you’d find on Pinterest that’s for sure.

That evening I caught up with Riverdale on Netflix. I’m really not feeling this season. Is it just me or is it just a little weird now? I don’t know! Season 1 was so amazing though. I loved it so much. But season 2 went downhill and this season I’m just so confused. It’s such a shame as it was so good when it began. I’m just hoping it will pick up at the end of this season or at least into season 4.

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Friday 8th February 2018 | Week In The Life

To finish off the week, I started my Friday nice and slow again. I painted my nails which is something I try to do at least once a week and I spoke about in my Beauty Resolutions for 2019 post. I also caught up with some blog content I had missed from other people before I had some breakfast.

And guess what, I took some more photos!

Would you have guessed it? 😉

Then I treated myself to a nice bubble bath. The perfect way to end the week. I used to have baths all the time a few years back but now I’m always having a shower. I just find them way more refreshing and if I have a bath, I tend to just sit on my phone, which isn’t good. So once in a while, I’ll take myself off for a bath. I actually read in the bath on this rare occasion. I had a little read of Eat Up by Ruth Tandoh.

After a slow start to the day, I managed to write a blog post for Sunday and then looked into a free online Digital Marketing course that I plan on starting soon to enhance my knowledge and skills on the subject. It will really help me with my business and moving forward. I also planned out the post you’re now reading a Week In The Life.

Friday’s I’m back at Matt’s again in time for the weekend, so I headed over there for some food and TV. Friday’s are the day’s when I catch up on Teen Mom UK. I bloody love that show! It’s like my guilty pleasure. I don’t know what it is but it’s just so good.

Then I played on the Sims but as the evening went on more, the more unwell I felt. I felt quite anxious in my throat and flushed. I don’t really know why but I just knew I didn’t feel 100% so I was glad when it was bedtime and I could sleep off the feelings.

I hope you enjoyed looking into my week! Please let me know if you want to see more Week In My Life style posts. 


    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 18, 2019 / 11:03 am

      Thanks so much! I will definitely plan on doing more in the future xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:18 pm

      Thanks so much xx

  1. February 18, 2019 / 2:45 pm

    I’m so nosy and love posts like these! I totally feel you about Riverdale- it’s gotten so strange to the point I question why I’m still watching! I hope your Mum had a lovely birthday and I look forward to following the launch of your business- how exciting!

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com/ x

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:19 pm

      I’m so glad you love the post, Soph! Yeah me too haha but it doesn’t stop me watching it for some reason. She did thank you. Thank you so much xx

  2. February 18, 2019 / 2:59 pm

    It is so great to see that you can prioritise your mental health and take it slow for a week when you feel you need it. Very inspiring! I would love to see more posts like this. xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:20 pm

      Thanks so much! It definitely helps to be able to prioritise your mental health. I’m so glad you found it inspiring and I will definitely be doing more posts like this xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:20 pm

      Thanks so much, Amelia!xx

  3. February 18, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    What a great post! I hope your mum had a good birthday too. I need to get back into a routine of painting my nails at least once a week, my nails currently look horrible haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:21 pm

      Aw thanks so much, Hannah! She did thank you. I know what you mean! I need to do mine again haha. I wish they did themselves sometimes xx

  4. jade bevan
    February 18, 2019 / 7:03 pm

    very interesting blog post!! loved this read thanks for sharing


  5. February 18, 2019 / 8:57 pm

    A bubble bath is such a good way to end that weeks. That’s a great idea to make it a regular occurrence for self-care! :]

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:21 pm

      Most definitely! They’re so good for relaxing xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:21 pm

      Thanks so much, Gemma! I find looking at other peoples routines so interesting as well xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:23 pm

      Thanks so much, Candice!xx

  6. February 19, 2019 / 8:20 am

    I love how you’re so organised, scheduling everything. I need to start that! I agree when you say taking photos are so time consuming. It really is! I always feel happier once I’ve got the photos sorted. Saying that, since I’ve had my 45mm lens I’m not so concerned with waiting for a bright day as the lens lets in more light and I can get a good shot even when it’s gloomy. Hope you’ve got a hold on your mental health lovely. x

    Samantha | https://thebeautyspyglass.com

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 19, 2019 / 3:25 pm

      I love being organised and it is definitely super helpful! Taking photos is definitely one of the more challenging parts of blogging for me personally as it doesn’t come naturally to me and as we’ve said it is so time-consuming. That’s so good to hear! Thanks so much xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 21, 2019 / 12:51 pm

      Thanks so much, lovely! I really hope things feel brighter for you soon. It most definitely will. The storm will pass xx

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 21, 2019 / 12:44 pm

      Me too! They’re some of my favourite type of content to consume xx

  7. February 20, 2019 / 7:24 pm

    I love reading this kind of post! So interesting! x
    have a wonderful day!

    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 21, 2019 / 12:44 pm

      Thanks so much, Grace!xx

  8. February 21, 2019 / 2:16 am

    Your quite organised, I’ve definitely improved my organisation when it comes to blogging and I do “schedule” but other than Instagram posts Pinterest pins I don’t physically slap a date and time content. I just draft it up and organise it in a way where all I have to do is hit publish and share it to social media. This has made life so much easier.


    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 21, 2019 / 12:41 pm

      I can definitely agree with that! I used to always slap dates on my blog schedule and whilst I still do try for 3 posts a week, I’m a lot less stressed about what days they must go up or if I can only manage 2 then I don’t worry about it anymore like I used to do xx

  9. February 25, 2019 / 11:42 pm

    Sounds like a nice little week! I really feel like I should be taking photos more often, I usually only do about once a week. I told myself that I want to get more into Instagram stories as well, but a lot of the time when I’m going about my business, I don’t think to snap a photo! Which sucks, cause I love watching other peoples IG stories, haha.


    • laurennvictoriaablog
      February 26, 2019 / 2:44 pm

      Thanks so much, Emily! I know what you mean. When I’m going about my business, I always forget to snap photos, especially when I’m out and about xx

  10. February 28, 2019 / 11:22 pm

    I love a little weekly diary style entry – I’m so nosey so love seeing what other people get up to! Sounds like a week full of lots of photo taking 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this Lauren xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  11. March 4, 2019 / 5:45 pm

    I love reading these posts, I love insights into people’s lives (especially because I’m so nosey!) I work in a school and find it hard to talk about my days specifically but I’d love to do a diary to show I balance both my blog and my full-time job! Maybe I’ll do a week in the life sometime, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    Emmie | http://www.carpediememmie.co.uk

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