Skincare On Trial – Anatomicals

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals

One of the most exciting things about being an enthusiast of all things beauty is that you get to try out so many different products from a range of different areas, like makeup or skincare. I’m always on the hunt for new skincare products and testing out new ones to find the ones that work well for me. This also means I like to go for something that is also affordable, because let’s face it when you love trying out different products all the time, it can rack up quite the expense. 

Anatomicals are a brand I got introduced to through Instagram and spotted over on ASOS. Their fun and quirky themed products really enticed me in and I just couldn’t help myself but want to know more. They kindly sent over a more than generous PR package with a mixture of skincare products a and also some cute little lip balms for me to try. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trialing these Anatomical goodies and I’m going to share my views in today’s post.

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals

Starting off with the three masks and the scrub I received, I was so excited to try these because I love face masks, but also because the packaging is so damn cute. I love the names of the masks and how well they work with what they’re main use is. The first mask I tried was the Anti Stress Face Mask*. This one straight away founded my love for the adorable packaging with the whole ‘look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face‘ as you then proceed to apply a cool chocolate like mask over your face. The cocoa properties inside this mask aim to leave your skin feeling calm, relaxed and radiant, the ultimate anti-stress formula. My first impressions were that not only did it smell incredible just like chocolate, but also it felt so smooth and light on the skin straight away. After leaving this on for around 15 minutes, I removed it with some warm water with ease and found my skin felt relatively soft. I wasn’t 100% sold on this one as I didn’t feel like it did much to my skin other than make it feel slightly softer, which was a shame as I had such high hopes for it.

This at first did give me a kind of false hope that the other face masks wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but however wrong was I! The next one I decided to try was the Scarlet Pimple Hell deep cleansing mask*. This one smelt so fresh and natural which I knew was due to it being more of a deep cleansing formula unlike the previous one. Also this meant that the mask was the typical green mask colour. As soon as I applied this one again with ease, within five or so minutes, I felt my face tighten like it was drawing out all the dirt and impurities in my skin. Again after fifteen minutes, I removed the mask and instantly felt refreshed. I had a much better result with this mask. It left my skin feel much more smooth and there was no dullness to it. I really liked this one. I’d definitely recommend this one for anyone who wants to cleanse their skin if they’re finding their breaking out easily or suffering bad with their skin. 

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals  Face Mask Scrub

It was like each one I tried, the results just got better and better. The next was the face scrub. Now I’m not a massive scrub lover, I don’t particularly like how they feel on my body let alone my face, but wanted to try it anyway. I can definitely say that the Apricot Face Scrub* has definitely changed my view on face scrubs. Not only did this one smell so fruity and fresh, but it was also so lovely on my skin. It didn’t feel harsh or uncomfortable at all. It was so gentle on my skin, whilst still being thick and really getting to work. It left my skin feeling super smooth and soft after removal, which did take quite a bit of time and work to remove. But I can’t really complain for the results I got after and how much I loved using the product. I’d love to try this one again! 

And the final mask I tried was the Hawaii five-glow mask* which is a tropical hydrating face mask. Now I’m all for radiant and glowy looking skin, so I was also excited to try this one. Like the other masks, this also smelt so lovely and fresh. It really did go with the name. The mask itself was so creamy and thick. Due to it being not so much a cleansing mask, it did have the tendency to go everywhere if you’re not careful, so my advice is to just sit back and relax when using this one. The after result was one I was very very very impressed with again. My skin feel so smooth and soft again. I also loved the appearance of my skin afterwards. It was literally beaming. I love having glowy and radiant skin. It always looks so fresh and healthy, which is what this mask 100% achieved. Definitely a mask to get for the summer months coming up!

Overall, I’d really recommend the deep cleansing and hydrating mask, as well as the face scrub to anyone out there after some affordable face masks. You also get such a good amount of product inside each packet, so you can store them away for multiple uses with no problems.

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals

If there’s one with thing I always seem to struggle with when it comes to making my skin looking radiant, healthy and semi-awake, is those annoying dark circles that sit under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get or take care of myself, those things just don’t seem to calm down or even shift. I end up needing all the concealer every morning and praying that the coverage is good enough to mask the darkness. No Old Bags Allowed* is Anatomicals eye cream that is aimed to combat tired and puffy eyes. You can use this under or even on top of your makeup to brighten up your under eye area. This cream is super lightweight and gentle to the eyes, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything in your eyes at all. I really love the formula of it and how easy it was to apply. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find really any results with this in appearence wise, other than how much I loved how it felt. I’m still going to continue to use it though and see. 

The next product is one I absolutely love and I’m super excited to talk about with you. It also came at the right time as my usual moisturiser I use was starting to run out and I knew I needed to get a new one. The Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser* has become my new favourite. It has quite a thick texture to it, which means a little does go a long way, so you don’t have to worry about running out of it very quickly. Also because of this it does take a little bit of time to sink into the skin. One of the good things about this moisturiser is that it comes with a pump applicator, which is personally an applicator I haven’t tried with a moisturiser before, so I really liked that aspect of it and found it applicated just the right amount of product. The moisturiser itself smells really lovely and fresh. I found it really did work well on keeping my skin moisturised when applied morning and night. I tend to get quite a dry nose and within a matter of a couple of days, the moisturiser had worked wonders on clearing it up. No dryness in sight now! I couldn’t be without this moisturiser now. I really do love it!

I’ve had a little moan about my dark circles, now after that more positive review, I am going to go back to having a little rant about my skin recently. Now I do know why I have started to break out again, which is frustrating as I went so many weeks and months with no breakouts at all, my skin was looking it best and I was really pleased with it. Then come months of high anxiety, bad eating and slap happy with my skincare routine, I started to break out again. I was interested to try out the Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap Spot Stick* to help zap those little nasties off my face. The stick offers you a day time formula and a night time formula, which I think is such a cool idea. They both contain tea tree oil and witch hazel which are both known to be very good for your skin. Upon first use of both ends of the stick, I noticed the strong smell, almost kind of like fizzy, which must be where the zap concept comes in to it. After a few uses of this day and night, I didn’t really notice any improvements, other than that it brought out my spots more!!! I was quite disappointed with it. 

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals  Lip Balms

Enough of the rants and rambles, I’m getting back to the products that I really love and ones I’d definitely recommend without any hesitant. These lip balms not only have such quirky and fun packaging like the rest of the range, but they also work a treat on your lips. The first one is the Stop Cracking Up* lip balm. First off I absolutely love the play on words there with the whole cracked lips things. No one likes having chapped lips, but this lip balm definitely helps to soothe and nourish those dry lips with a clear glossy finish. This one smells like vanilla or coconut, something musky and warm. The other lip balm is the Never Lose Your Cherry* which reminds me of cherry cola from the way it smells. Again this plays on words and if you’ve got a dirty mind, you’ll clearly know what they’re trying to refer to there. This one actually applies with a red tint, but the finish is a clear. Again it also looks glossy and nourishing on the lips. The applicator on both is so easy to use as it’s slightly tipped and I also love how easy they are to travel with. I’d definitely repurchase both of these!

Skincare On Trial - Anatomicals Facial Spritz

Finally, a product that I haven’t got much use out of yet, but one I can imagine getting lots of use out of during the summer is the facial spritz. This facial mist aims to help cool you down and refresh you. Because of this it would also work well for an after workout cool down, when you’re feeling hot and sweaty from an intense exercise session. When I sprayed this on my face a couple of times, I didn’t find it too wet or sticky on my face. It has a really nice refreshing and almost calming touch. You can either decide to leave the spritz on your face or remove it with a cotton pad afterwards. 

I found some really lovely products from Anatomicals whilst trialing out these skincare goodies! The masks and scrub I will definitely be wanting to try again, as well as the moisturiser and lip balms. I can’t wait to start using the facial spritz for a cool down during the summer months. Overall, I really enjoyed trying out these products and finding some what worked really well for me. Thank you Anatomicals for sending over your generous package!!!!

You can find and purchase Anatomicals over on ASOS and Superdrug in the UK. 

What skincare have you currently got on trial? Would you want to try any of the Anatomical range?

Lauren x

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