Welcome to ILV Online.  I’m Lauren. Aside from running my blog, I’m also a freelance digital marketer and copywriter specialising in content creation, email marketing and social media services for small businesses and bloggers. I have a strong interest in all things digital marketing and content creation and helping businesses to build and grow their online presence.

How can I help you?

   Social Media Management   

Social media is an amazing way to gain exposure and engage with your target audience. Whether you want to grow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, I can help you to do exactly that.




Content Production



Content is super important in the online world. Having a content strategy can really benefit your business. I can help you put together a content strategy and produce the content for your online presence.



What else I can offer…

Email Marketing

Blogger Outreach

Blog & Website Management

Social Media or Website  Audit



Want to get in touch and find out more?

You can also find ilvonline on Instagram for exclusive tips on building your online presence, behind the scenes and more. Come on over and let’s connect!