Self-care Tips For The Colder Months

Self-care Tips For The Colder Months

In today’s post, I want to share with you some self-care tips for the colder months of the year so you can ensure you’re looking out for you over the next few months and putting yourself in the best possible position when it comes to feeling your best.

Everyone knows that the colder months of the year aren’t always the most enjoyable for many of us because of the colder, gloomier and darker weather, the stress of Christmas expenses and being busy which can result in less time to look after ourselves when we actually need it the most.

This year especially I’ve definitely felt the effects of the shorter day-light hours and gloomier day’s having an effect on my mood and motivation. Plus I always struggle more with anxiety during the winter too so self-care is not only super important all year round but even more so during the colder months.

Get outside 

Probably one of the things you really don’t want to do during the colder months of the year is to get outside. You’ll more than likely rather hibernate away indoors and not venture out in the bad weather. But getting outside can actually help so much when it comes to boosting your mood and making you feel good.

Getting outside in the fresh air has many benefits. It can feel refreshing and re-energize you. It’s even more important to get outside when the sun is shining on a cold crisp day to get some vitamin D (which can boost your immune system, maintain the health of bones and many other health benefits).

Being outside in the fresh always helps to ground me especially when I’m feeling extra stressed and need to clear my head. It helps to bring me back down from the overwhelming feeling of anxiety and feel like I’m in more control.

Schedule in ‘you’ time 

The colder months can actually be just as busy as the warmer months can be but for other reasons like Christmas, New Years and other festive events. Because of this, our ‘me’ time can actually be pushed aside for all the other things we have going on.

But looking after you during the busiest time of the year is actually going to help you get through it in the best possible way. By giving yourself some ‘me’ time you’re actually giving yourself the chance to look after you and get yourself in the best possible position so that you can boost your wellbeing and put you in a better way to handle everything the colder months throw at you.

Don’t just say ‘I don’t have anytime though’. Make time. We make time for things that are important to us and looking after ourselves is so important.

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Self-care Tips For The Colder Months

Look after yourself 

Looking after yourself has never been more important throughout the year than in the colder months of the year when our bodies are working harder to keep us going. It’s so important to ensure you’re drinking and eating enough, getting enough vitamins, keeping clean, getting enough sleep and wrapping up warm when venturing out.

Sleep is such an important one because we need to get enough sleep so we can rest and recharge so that we can build that energy back up especially if you’ve been feeling under the weather or been worn out from your usual routines.

Embrace the colder months 

Something that has really helped me the past couple of years when the colder months have rolled around is to embrace the season that I am currently in.

For example, I’ll be mindful of the changes that are going on around me like the changing of the leaves, the crisp frosty mornings, the first flurry of snow and so much more. It’s a great way to admire what’s around you and see the beauty of the change of seasons.

I also like to schedule things to look forward to. Spring and summer can have a lot of outdoor and sociable events so when the colder months can come around especially January after the busyness of Christmas it can feel like you have nothing to look forward to anymore so it’s always good to schedule in things.

Even if they’re the smallest thing like watching a new movie on a Friday night on Netflix, baking some cookies at the weekend or heading on a date night with your other half, it’s just little things like that can bring joy and replace the doom and gloom the colder months can bring.

You could also even start something new like a new hobby to give you something to focus on.

How do you look after yourself and carry out self-care during the colder months?

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