What To Do When Your Routine Goes To Sh*t

WhatToDoWhenYourRoutineGoesToSht-2Routines, in general, can be a great thing. They help to give structure and focus to our day, but what happens when something happens and it completely throws our routine out of the window? We’re left feeling lost, confused and desperate to find out feet again.

So what do you do when your routine goes to sh*t?

Start over

When we find ourselves not sure of what to do, it can be very easy to just sit and mope with little to no motivation. Instead of letting this happen, you need to start over. Start your day again. Take a shower, freshen up your makeup or hair, have something to eat or drink, workout or do whatever it is that you usually do to start your day.

By giving yourself a second chance to start the day again, you can do things the right way this time and focus on moving forward rather than getting hung up on what happened before.

Repurpose your day

If something goes wrong to throw you out of your routine, then give your day a new purpose. If you were supposed to be meeting a friend for lunch, but they cancelled, go for lunch on your own or catch up with something you’ve been needing to do.

Of course, it can be disheartening when you have been looking forward to something but think of it as a new opportunity to experience something new and get yourself stuck into whatever it might be that you might end up doing instead.

You can still have fun and get things done.


Ditch the guilt

Sometimes our routines can be thrown off balance by our own doing. And that’s not always a bad thing. We all need a moment to step out of our everyday cycle and give ourselves the break we need. Everyone deserves to rest and refocus.

Don’t be so hard on yourself for not being able to continue with your usual everyday tasks. Be easy on yourself and be accepting of the situation. It’s ok to not be busy all the time. You’ll get back to it. Just trust in time that this is exactly where you need to be for now.

Remember your why

To help you ditch the guilt and trust where you’re headed, remember why you had a routine in the first place. Ask yourself what were the goals and reasons behind you creating this particular routine. Keep that in mind as you move forward. Hold onto that motivation and passion to continue on. It will help you.

If it is worth it and you’re serious enough about it, then you will go back to it when you’re ready to.

Don’t rush it!

Embrace being flexible

As beneficial as routines can be, they sometimes can restrict us and stop us from reaching our full potential. When we experience our routine going to sh*t, it actually gives us a greater moment to deal with. It presents us with the opportunity to develop and grow as a person.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and dealing with change can improve our adaptability and self-confidence. You allow yourself to trust your own path and give yourself that assurance that you can handle whatever change is coming your way.

How do you handle change? Do you embrace it?

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