How To Rock Your Workout Attire

How To Rock Your Workout Attire

Let’s be honest here, exercise and carrying out a workout is really not my forte. I haven’t really done regular exercise since P.E in high school over five years ago now. I know it’s bad! I used to do on/off workouts from home or go on runs around my area.

But for a long while, I’ve wanted to workout regularly to benefit my mental health and to ensure I’m being as healthy as I can be more often than not.

Aside from shifting your mindset and setting yourself some realistic goals to work towards, having the right workout attire is a great way to get yourself motivated and ready to start really working on your fitness.

How To Rock Your Workout AttireWhen it comes to choosing a workout attire, I always go for something that is comfortable yet something I feel confident in. Comfort for me is one of the top essentials to rocking your work out attire as there’s nothing worse than trying to do some high-intensity workout with clothes that feel uncomfortable.

You want it to fit right and to flatter you so you feel as though you can step out with confidence because you want to actually feel like you can step out there and workout. Perhaps there’s a part of your body that you love like your long legs or your perky bum, then why not find something in your workout attire that is going to enhance that feature.

I go for something that suits my style and the things I like to wear as this also helps with your confidence and motivates you to workout, as well as adding to your overall comfort as you know you’re wearing something that is completely your choice and what feels right for you.

How To Rock Your Workout Attire

I usually tend to stick to darker colours like all black or black with a pop of colour somewhere because I’ve always found black a really flattering colour. As you can see, my outfits above are mainly all black as I’ve paired a black basic gym bralet and a black vest top with these black contrast leggings to create this all-black look.

Plus black is so easy to style and match with other pieces that may have pops of colour on like a jacket or your trainers. When it comes to choosing other attire like jackets and trainers, I always try to go for something that is seasonal appropriate as you never know when the weather might turn bad, especially if you live in the U.K!

How To Rock Your Workout Attire How To Rock Your Workout Attire

I absolutely love this black zip through jacket as it’s another layer to throw on over the top to keep in warmth on cooler days, but it’s also workout appropriate as it is sweat proof. You can also pair this with any outfit because it’s so easy to style and an essential in your gym bag.

If your personality is more out there by being bold and expressive, then a more colourful workout attire may be the one you chose to rock. Colours can really help to bring some fun to your workouts and help motivate you enough to find the experience enjoyable. They’re also great for inspiration!

How To Rock Your Workout Attire How To Rock Your Workout AttireThe only colour I tend to add into my outfits aside from my trainers is some small colours coming through on my outfit details like this khaki sports crop top and khaki stripe contour leggings. Khaki is such a gorgeous colour and one I find suits my hair colour and eyes.

I’ve paired the khaki sports crop top with this black mesh back vest top which shows off the cross back detailing on the crop top. I absolutely love showing off this feature!

How To Rock Your Workout AttireAn affordable yet good quality workout attire is also really important to me as I’m on a budget. You want something that is going to be worth the investment but also not going to break the bank, especially if you struggle to keep consistent with your workouts.

Two or three outfits are the perfect amount because you can quite easily mix and match pieces if you go for items that are similar in colour or look good together. This will help you to save money because you can make additional outfits from the pieces you’ve switched up.

I always find that when I’ve got the right attire to wear it always pushes me to workout. It encourages me to want to go do some exercise because I feel like I fit more of the part. Plus if you’ve spent money on a new workout attire, then you’re going to need to put the work in to make the money spent worthwhile.

How do you rock your workout attire? 

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