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About a month or so ago, I decided to finally purchase the most talked about highlighter of recent times and one that had been on my wishlist for so long. Having not heard of the theBalm before this product because it is a U.S based brand, I was pleasantly surprised to see it now stocked in Superdrug stores and over on the FeelUnique website. This means it is mega easy for any UK beauty lovers to get their hands on any products this brand has to offer!

For a product that is hyped about so much in the beauty world, there is always that challenge you experience whether or not to buy into the hype and to check out if the product is really worth it. Now having tried Mary-Lou Manizer for just over a month now, I can tell you that I was not one bit disappointed with this product and can see why it is so popularised!

This highlighter is such a gorgeous product! I feel like theBalm have worked so hard on making their products very recognisable out in the big wide world of beauty. They definitely have the whole retro/50’s/vintage theme down to a tee, much like the same theme Soap & Glory go for. All their products seem to have really cute and catchy names to them, Mary-Lou Manizer is no exception with the play on words it creates, e.g Mary-Lou Manizer aka The Luminizer.


Mary-Lou Manizer is what could be described as being the most perfect golden champagne powder highlighter! It also has a slight shimmer to it which is very subtle and adds an extra glow to the face. I much prefer golden coloured highlighters as opposed to more pinky-toned ones. This highlighter would work really well on yellow-toned skins due to the yellow undertones it has. But also it looks great on those with light-medium skin tones. I have quite light skin and it suits my tone really well!

 It has such amazing pigmentation, you seriously do not need a lot when using this product, because literally a lot does go such a long way.  I can definitely seeing this product lasting such a long while because of this reason, which means the £17.50 price tag is so worth it! As I mentioned previously, I have had this product for just over a month and so far I haven’t made any dents in the product or can see that I am about to hit pan any time soon.

I apply this down the bridge of my nose, over the tops of my cheek bones, on my brow bones, on the middle of my chin and on my cupids bow. That might sound like way too much, but personally for me it doesn’t look overpowering and it just helps to give my skin a nice healthy looking glow. It really helps to brighten up my skin and not make it look as dull!

I personally think I would be lost without this highlighter. I am so glad I invested in it and it has become a part of my daily make-up routine now. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has been looking at this but hasn’t made a purchase yet. It is so worth the money and I can honestly say you will not be disappointed with the outcomes of this product. theBalm have created such a stunning and high pigmented highlighter that is so worthwhile!

What’s your favourite highlighter? Have you tried Mary-Lou? 

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4 thoughts on “Review | theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

  • I'm glad this lived up to the hype for you 🙂 and I agree, it doesn't hold back on the pigmentation. Unfortunately the super-soft texture meant mine smashed, though luckily I managed to fix it! xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • I have this and it definitely lives up to the hype!It's gorgeous.Great post and blog <3Katie Loves ~ UK Fashion & Beauty Blog Follow on Bloglovin’ ~ ‘Katie Loves’ Instagram ~ @katielovess

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