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I’m always after the perfect foundation that blends easily, matches my skin tone, has great staying power and doesn’t enhance any dry areas. I think I might have found that. Today I am sharing my own opinions and views on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. After hearing loads of great things about this product and seeing how beneficial it was for those who do suffer with dry skin, I knew I just had to try it out for myself and I wasn’t disappointed!

About the product:

The main aim of this foundation is give your skin a boost of radiance with a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an anti-fatigue result. It has a fresh and instant blending gel texture, that helps the foundation to blend and glide onto the skin for an even and natural finish with no mask effect. Imperfections are erased, signs of fatigue are smoothed and the skins radiance is boosted for up to 16 hours. It is made from vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula with litchi, goji berries and pomegranates.

There are six shades available for this foundation. I went with shade 52 Vanille which is the second lightest. I believe this matches my skin the best, it doesn’t look orangey, too dark or too light for my skin which is great. I purchased mine from Boots for £10.99. You can also purchase it from Superdrug or FeelUnique. I have included a swatch of it on my skin for you to see the shade and formula!

The tools I use to apply and blend this foundation onto my face include the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or the Real Teachniques Buffing Brush from the Core Collection. Either applicator is easy to use and blends amazingly, but I do find the sponge helps to create a more even and flawless finish.


  • I love the texture of this foundation on my skin. It feel’s light and comfortable on the skin. I don’t find it to have a slippery like texture which others may find due to the ‘serum’ part of the foundation. However I think it feel’s really good on my skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all!
  • It blends easily onto the skin and doesn’t cling to dry areas. Dry skin is something I struggle with and I find it hard to find foundations that don’t extenuate these types of areas. However I am so glad that this foundation doesn’t. It doesn’t highlight any of my dry skin and helps to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy!
  • The overall look of this foundation creates a natural looking appearance on my skin which is great for everyday wear! It’s not very matte or dewy either, it’s slight in between which I also believe is a bonus.
  • I absolutely love the smell of this foundation. It just smells healthy and fresh. It just smells like something you would want to apply on your face and you know it’s just going to make it look/feel better. 
  • It has a light coverage which can be easily build able to a higher coverage if necessary and is great for those who only want a light covering for those more laid back chilled days!
  • Easy applicator with the use of a bump and a good amount of product comes out which is a huge bonus!


  • Personally for me I was expecting more of a dewy look from this foundation. However as I mentioned before, it is more of a natural foundation rather than a dewy glowing look. I definitely believe it needs more a dewy finish to it for me to be completely sold.
  • Some others may want more of a higher coverage which means this foundation might not be for you as it creates more of a light natural look. But you can easily build it up to a medium coverage if that is what you are after.
  • The stay time lasts for around 5/6 hours. On more blemished areas on my face, I noticed it wearing off a lot quicker than that, but it probably depends on what primers or powders are used to help set the foundation in place. 
  • There’s only six shades to choose from and can be an issue for those who’s skin doesn’t match the ones available. 


I definitely think I will be repurchasing this product when it starts to run out. It’s probably the only foundation that I have tried in the last few years which hasn’t clung to any dry areas of my face and made it look ‘cakey’. It is great for creating a natural, fresh and healthy look. It is easy to blend and apply to the face with a build able coverage. I think it is great for everyday wear and for more natural make-up looks. 

In my opinion, I would have liked more of a dewy glow finish to the skin with this product and a longer staying time as I did notice it wearing on some parts of my skin. Also I wouldn’t recommend this to those who are after higher coverage foundations, as this is definitely more suited to those who want a lighter coverage and more natural finish to the face. As well, there is not a lot of choice of shades so it might be hard for some people to find a shade to suit them perfectly!

Overall, I would definitely go back to buy this product and keep it as a necessity in my make-up collection. I am so pleased that is one of the first foundations I have tried that hasn’t enhanced dry areas of my skin and hasn’t made it look heavy either. It’s a great natural and easy to wear foundation that helps your skin to look healthy. I would wear this foundation all year round, as it is so suited to all seasons. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, especially those with dry skin.

Have you every tried this foundation? Does this post make you want to go out and try it? Let me know!

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