Raising A Puppy – 1 Year On

Raising A Puppy - 1 Year On

It’s been exactly one year to the date that we brought home our puppy Teddy who isn’t so much a puppy anymore. It’s been such a crazy year with lots of growth, emotions and challenges, but every second has been so worth it.

Today I’m going to be sharing what it’s really been like raising a puppy 1 year on.

If you wanted to find out who Teddy was or need a recap then Teddy is a male Lhasa-Apso puppy. He was one back in July and we got him at 9 weeks old. He’s an adult now so no longer a puppy but very much still has a puppy face and still has some of his puppy personality.

Teddy used to be black all over with a few lighter bits coming through. As the weeks and months went on with the more he grew, the more his fur began to change. He’s now a real mixture of all sorts of colours. His main colour is cream with hints of white, black, brown and grey. Teddy is just so handsome although I am biased.

But how has it really been raising a puppy?

Raising A Puppy - 1 Year On

It’s been a huge challenge

Before Teddy, we had another dog who sadly passed away four years ago now. I was very young when we got him and so I didn’t really remember how it really felt to have a puppy. So when we got Teddy it was a massive wake up call.

It’s been such a huge challenge for us all. It’s been like starting again. It’s like we never had a dog before. We had to literally learn everything all over again. Teddy has been so much naughtier than our previous dog. He chewed our furniture and he still eats plants and grass in the garden even now.

It definitely tests you in so many ways.

When we first got him, it actually triggered my anxiety really bad. I felt so out of my depth, overwhelmed and like I was never going to get used to it. But once I had got over the initial anxiety, I felt so much better and the anxiety lessened.

You have to have patience. They’re learning just as much as you are. They don’t know right from wrong. You have to teach them that. They can’t help but be naughty because they’re growing and learning just as much as you are.

When it comes to raising a puppy, you can’t give up or give in. You really do have to perceiver because it does take so much time, a lot of repeating yourself and putting your commands into action time and time again. It’s so much work but it’s so rewarding at the same time.

Raising A Puppy - 1 Year On

You have to do what’s best for you

There is so much helpful advice and tips out there, as well as courses and classes you can attend, but at the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and your puppy.

We had quite a few people who we knew who loved to try and tell us how to bring up our puppy bearing in mind we had already brought up one before and my parents have both had dogs over their whole lives so it wasn’t like they were inexperienced.

This can be so frustrating when people try to push their own ways onto you but you have to stick to your guns and trust your own self because at the end of the day it is your dog and you’re going to be around it more than they are.

When it comes to raising a puppy take on advice and tips but stay true to you and what suits your lifestyle.

My mum suffers from arthritis which means we decided to not let Teddy off his lead when we’re out on walks because if he was to run off there was no way my mum would be able to run and chase after him.

A lot of people have given us negative comments because of this but we put what’s going to work for us first. They can say what they like. But we need to do what’s going to work for us.

At the end of the day, it’s your dog, it’s your lifestyle, it’s your hard work and effort, don’t let anyone else try to take that away from you.

You can check out my other posts on Teddy here

Raising A Puppy - 1 Year On

Every dog is different

As mentioned above, Teddy wasn’t our first dog but because of this, it has definitely taught us that every dog is different even if you get the same breed. They are so different from each other with their own personalities and traits.

Teddy is very mischevious but full of affection and love. He is very energetic and playful. Whereas our previous dog was a lot more relaxed, caring and calm. I love how their personalities differ because it makes them each individual and special in their own ways.

You feel all the emotions

Having a dog is one of the most rewarding things in the world but it’s also a rollercoaster of emotions.

I spoke before about how I was very anxious when Teddy first arrived a year ago. But that anxiety was soon replaced with love and affection. I couldn’t imagine my life without him now. He’s honestly changed it so much. I noticed a huge difference in my mental health when he isn’t around.

He really does make such a big impact on all of us.

When Teddy was going through the rebellious stage of being a puppy, it was so hard and at times frustrating. Whilst we never took it out on him, at times we would feel exhausted and sad that what we had taught him was just being completely unforgotten as he was rebelling again us.

But the love, loyalty, the affection, just all of it is so so so worth it!

Raising a puppy is hard work but it’s one of the most rewarding things you could. Dogs are so precious and can have such a huge impact on you.

Do you have a dog? If not, do you want one and if so what breed? 

18 thoughts on “Raising A Puppy – 1 Year On

  • Aww your dog is super sweet and you’re so right!! We sadly lost our labrador last spring at 3 years old to cancer and he had such a brilliant personality! At the same time we got golden labrador before the diagnosis of our 3 year old as a buddy for him; he loved other dogs so we decided to get him a companion and both are very similar but different personality wise! xxx


    • Thanks so much! Aw no I’m so sorry to hear that. Losing a pet is so painful. Yes, I love how much dogs can differ. I guess it’s just like humans. We all have different personalities xx

  • Omg your dog is sooooo cute! And I am loving the name 😉 My cat is called Teddy haha. I love that you have talked about what it’s lie to raise a dog and the reality, it will definitely be a helpful resource for people looking into getting a dog. We have a sheepdog called Bear, he’s such a hyper, happy boy and he’s 6 months old, so cute!

    Jordanne // Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    • Thanks so much! Aww, what a great name choice haha. Thank you. I really hope it helps to shine a true reality of what raising a puppy is like. Oh my god. Bear sounds so adorable. How has the training been going?xx

  • I never had trouble raising puppies (I have three dogs who are seniors now) but I had a cat who pass away almost three years ago and well I had him when I was a kid so he was almost 20 years old anyway about a year ago I adopted a kitten who was 8 months old at first he was very shy and timid but over time he open up and he pretty much act like a dog sometime I think I adopted a dog that looks like a cat but raising kitten and puppies is not that easy just like raising a child but the reward is worth it.

    Michelle| http://www.brokebutflawless.com

    • Aww, I love that you have 3 dogs! What are their names and breeds? Yes, that is so true. The rewards are so worth it xx

    • Aww, thank you so much! Most definitely. Pet’s are a huge responsibility and definitely take up a lot of your time and hard work but like you said they become part of the family and they’re so loving xx

  • Teddy is so cute, and it’s so hard to believe that he was black all over when you first had him, with how light he is now! I totally agree that you have to do what works for you, even though other people try to push their way onto you. We don’t let my dog off his lead either, and people always try to convince us, but it just wouldn’t work for us xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Thanks so much! I know it’s crazy how much his fur has changed since we first got him. I’m so glad you agree! It’s so important to keep focused on what you want to do rather than being forced by other people xx

  • Aw, your pup is so cute! My dog is now 16, so I too forget what it’s like when he was a puppy but they are a lot of work! He wasn’t too naughty, and I know a new puppy is definitely a big change but I think you’re right that it’s so worth it. They do eventually learn if you train them, and I love that your pup is coming around and has brought joy to your home! xx


    • Thanks so much, Diana! They are so much hard work. You completely forget how much hard work and time goes into raising a puppy but it is so worth it. Yeah, persistence definitely is key when it comes to training. You have to try time and time again xx

  • I can still remember the first year with my Lolo, it was so hard, but also so tender and rewarding. He is so happy all the time and sometimes shows the fruits of the training I was so determined to give him.
    Your puppy is so cute!!


    • I can so relate to that! It is so hard and a real challenge, but the love and rewards you get from it make it so worth it. Thanks so much xx

    • Thanks so much, Emily! Puppies are so worth it. Yes they take up so much time, hard work and you go through a lot of emotions, but the rewards are amazing and they do become part of the family xx

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