Puppy Updates – Teddy’s 4 Month Update

Puppy Updates - Teddy's 4 Month Update It’s been a good few weeks since Teddy’s first appearance on my blog where I introduced my puppy Teddy to my blog and within that time Teddy turned 4 months on the 7th November, so I thought why not start a new series on my blog called Puppy Updates.

If you need a refresh or a quick introduction to Teddy, he’s a 4-month male Lhasa Apso puppy and we’ve had him since he was 9 weeks old.

This post was due to go up nearer the 7th but I have been so busy lately I’ve only now managed to find the time to sit down and write it. Teddy was 16 weeks on the 27th October and is coming up to 20 weeks this coming Saturday.

How crazy is that?

The other day I was looking on Teddy’s Instagram of when we first got him and he looks so tiny! You can imagine that he has grown so much since I last posted about Teddy on my blog, so there’s a lot to update you guys on.

Puppy Updates - Teddy's 4 Month Update

Teddy’s Appearance 

Even before we got Teddy, we knew that eventually he would change colour and lose quite a lot of his dark fur. If you brushed his fur back the other way, you could see lots of champagne and cream fur coming through. His Dad is a champagne Lhasa Apso so we were aware his colours would probably match his Dad’s more than his Mum’s grey colourings.

So much lighter fur has come through and he is definitely outgrowing his black fur. He’s going for his first proper puppy cut at the beginning of December which will mean a lot of the black fur other than his dark muzzle, tips of his ears and tail will lose most of its dark fur.

He’s also grown quite a bit as well. I swear every day he looks a bit bigger. His feet are huge as well! He’s had big feet ever since we picked him up but they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Everyone always notices how big his feet are for his age. He’s probably going to be a larger Lhasa Apso!

With all the growing, he’s turned into such a fluff ball. He looks even more like a teddy bear with how much fur he’s got. We keep having to trim around his paws so he doesn’t get too mattered up. But I’m sure it’s keeping him nice and warm.  Puppy Updates - Teddy's 4 Month Update

What has Teddy been up to?

As I mentioned in Teddy’s introduction post, we took Teddy to a puppy party toward’s the end of October! It was just a socialising class but Teddy was the old boy in the group. Most of the puppies in the class were only a couple of months old, so Teddy was more interested in greeting all the people and doing his own thing, than going crazy like all the other puppies. He was so chilled he actually ended up falling asleep on my Mum’s lap during the session! 😂

Teddy has been on so many walks since the first post as well. We had only just started taking him out for walks when I put up the first post and he wasn’t the best at walking. He didn’t really understand it and would just keep stopping. He is a lot better now although we do have some days when he is a bit more stubborn. But Lhasa Apso’s are known for being stubborn!

He absolutely loves meeting other dogs and people. He just wants to say hello to everyone. Teddy is definitely very affectionate and loves lots of fuss. He has a few favourites who he likes to walk with when we venture out and Teddy definitely walks a lot better when he has other doggy friends to join him.

We also took Teddy to his first puppy pamper at the beginning of October. He went for a wash, blow dry and a little trim, nothing too major, just a tidy up around his paw pads, his face and other more private areas should we say! The woman who did it said he was absolutely fine and there weren’t any major issues with him being groomed thank god.

Puppy Updates - Teddy's 4 Month UpdateSince then we have given Teddy his first bath at our house which was the cutest thing ever. Teddy wasn’t quite sure what to make of the bath and he wasn’t a fan of the hairdryer at the start. But within a few minutes, he was loving it and was lounging around, allowing us to dry him with such ease. He just still needs to get used to it and eventually he will know that the brush isn’t a chew toy. Bless him!

Teddy was unwell towards the end of October. We think he must have eaten something in the garden that didn’t like him very much and he had an upset stomach. It’s so sad seeing him unwell and not being able to help him. But he enjoyed his cooked chicken and was back to his usual self within a few days.

We’ve also learnt that Teddy gets travel sick. He’s usually ok on the way and on short journeys but on the way home and on longer trips he always throws up. We’ve never had a dog that’s had travel sickness before, so if anyone has any tips on how to deal with that, then we’d love to hear them!

Puppy Updates - Teddy's 4 Month Update

Teddy’s progress

One of the most exciting yet challenging things about having a puppy is that they are constantly learning and growing. Since Teddy is now 4 months old, we’re hitting the rebellion stage of puppyhood. He’s basically the same as a teenager right now which means he’ll be more naughty, try to break any rules he might have learnt, chew and bite a lot more as he loses his teeth and be more boisterous.

We have noticed a few moments where he has been more naughty than usual like eating every single plant in the garden or chewing the doormat by the back door, but he hasn’t been too bad at all so far. Teddy’s pretty good at behaving himself and learning that ‘no’ does actually mean no.

Teddy is really good at bladder control now. He hasn’t had an accident in the house in a good few weeks. He knows that outside and going on a walk is his toilet time. He also doesn’t seem to be going out for a toilet as often either. Teddy’s also great overnight. We don’t hear a peep from him, but that’s been that way since we pretty much got him thankfully.

We’ve noticed within the past week or so that Teddy has lost some of his teeth. He started smiling at me and my Mum the other morning and all we could see was pink gums! Within the past couple of days, some teeth have started to poke through the gums at the front. We nicknamed him gummy bear instead of Teddy bear for a few days. Bless him.

I’ll definitely be doing a 5-month update and further updates on Teddy into the future 🐶

Have you got a dog? 

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