Products I’ve Loved This Month

Products I've Loved This Month

I sometimes find end of month posts sometimes a little tedious and I never always have enough things to show you each month that are different. Instead I thought I would showcase some products that I’ve been loving this month. They’re mainly beauty/make-up which may not come as any surprise to you haha. Enjoy!

Products I've Loved This Month Nivea Day Cream Tinted Moisturiser

Products I've Loved This Month Nivea Day Cream Tinted Moisturiser Swatch

Nivea – Tinted Moisturising Créme £3.65

I’ve been wanting a tinted moisturiser to wear throughout the spring/summer months for more of a lighter and natural looking base to my make-up look. I didn’t want to spend too much money on one in case I didn’t like it because poor problems and all. So I decided to try this one from Nivea for under £5. I wasn’t expecting amazing results because I know most people go for more high end tinted moisturisers because they’re better quality. But I was pleasantly surprised with how much I actually liked this product!

It’s a good medium coverage that easily covers any blemishes or redness. It doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the skin. It feel’s light and gives a nice natural finish. I had no problems with blending this onto my skin. The shade I must admit when I first put it on is a little too orangey toned for me, but once blended in it doesn’t look too out of the way and if my skin was to get a little darker within the next few months due to some hopeful sunshine, I think it would look really lovely. But I would say just be warned if you are quite pale because this might be too dark for you. Also this product smell’s amazing! It smell’s fresh and fruity. It smell’s quite like sun cream in a way. I’m really loving using this during this time of the year and works great for a lighter more natural look.

Products I've Loved This Month Simple Eye Make-up Remover

 Simple – Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Remover £3.39

I actually bought this quite a while back and never got round to using it until the other day when I ran out of make-up wipes, which I use to remove mascara off my eyelashes. So I turned to this and I have been using it ever since. It’s really gentle on the skin. It doesn’t feel harsh. Plus it’s quick and easy to use. Just dab a bit onto a cotton pad and you’re good to go. Also It doesn’t irritate my eyes like some other cleansers or make-up removers do. It get’s the job done of removing my mascara and any other eye make-up I might have put on during the day, which is normally very rare for me to wear more than just mascara as I like to keep my eye look very simple. All around, a great affordable product that takes little to no time to use.

Products I've Loved This Month Kiko 208 Eyeshadow

Products I've Loved This Month Kiko 208 Eye Shadow Swatch

Kiko – 208 Eyeshadow Light Gold £8.90

I have been wanting to get my hand’s on this beauty for such a long time and you might have already seen it in my budget friendly highlighters post. But I am so in love with this. It’s such a stunning light golden colour. I use this as a highlighter and it work’s perfectly in this way. It gives such a gorgeous golden glow to the skin and makes it look so sun kissed. The product is so highly pigmented, you really do not need a lot and the texture is so creamy and soft, it glides on so effortlessly and with no hassle what so ever. I would really recommend this to anyone! It’s so worth it and perfect for spring/summer.

Products I've Loved This Month Soap & Glory Brow Archery

Products I've Loved This Month Soap & Glory Brow Archery Swatch

Soap & Glory – Brow Archery Tint & Pencil £10.00

I’m always on the hunt to try new brow products since I haven’t really ventured into that side of make-up much. I use to just use an eye shadow powder to fill my brows in with a an angled brow brush. But lately I have ventured onto more different products. One being the Soap & Glory Brow Archery Tint & Pencil that my friend, Amy, kindly got me for my birthday (thanks girl!). Tint and my brows kind of scares me a little. I’ve never got my brows done before, so this was a whole new experience for me. But I had nothing to worry about. The tint part of the product is so not scary at all. It is literally just like a felt tip liner and all you have to do is apply gentle strokes onto your brows to create a natural fuller look.

Next you can fill in the rest of your hairs to make them look more precise. This is so easy to do with the use of the other end, i.e the pencil part of the product. Both products work so well together. I find it so much easier to get a more defined brow with this product than any other eye brow products I’ve used in the past. The tint is great for creating that natural more fuller look to your brows, whilst the pencil just fills them in more and creates a nice definition to them. Plus the shade match ‘Brownie’ to my brow hair is so perfect! The Brow Archery is so worth the price tag. 

What products have you been loving this month?

Lauren x

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