Products I’ve Loved This Month #2

Products I've Loved This Month #2

I go through phases every so often where I either invest in new products and fall in love with them instantly, or end up rekindling my love for an older product within my beauty collection. This month I have some new loves in my beauty life. So I thought I would share the products I have been loving this month with you and hopefully somehow persuade you to also invest in these wonderful buys!

Products I've Loved This Month #2

Original Source – Vanilla & Raspberry

This is the shower gel I actually took on holiday with me and it honestly smell’s amazing! It has such a fruity inspired scent of raspberries mixed with the sweet smell of vanilla. It reminds me so much of a healthy breakfast smoothie. It’s also so lovely and kind on your skin, when you’re lavering the soap onto your body and giving yourself a cleanse after a long day. Plus it’s made from natural ingredients, as well as being both vegan friendly and cruelty free. I really want to try more from the Original Source range now. There’s so many lovely smelling scents within the range! You can pick these up from your local supermarket or Boots/Superdrug for as little as £1.80.

Palmers – Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze

In previous favourites, I have discussed how I have been on the hunt for a gradual tanner that actually works. I think I have finally found one that does the exact job I want it to. The Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze is perfect for creating a warm bronzed tan to your body, as well as keeping it moisturised and feeling soft. Literally after one day of applying this all over, I could already see results the next day. 

I have been using this once a day for the past few weeks and have built up a really natural looking tan. My family keep saying I look like I have been on holiday, so it must be working wonders, right? I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a bronzed look, but isn’t a big fan of proper fake tan and wants something that’s quick and easy. Although this does have the decency to go a bit streaky, if you’re ensure you build up your application technique and apply the right amount all over, you’ll have no troubles with achieving a bronzed look!

Products I've Loved This Month #2

Kiko Milano Rebel Bouncy Blush –

I had my eye on this blush for the longest time, so when I was in Newcastle recently on my holiday, I went into Kiko and had a good old look around the sale items. I managed to pick up this blush in the sale and I am so glad that I did because it definitely is a wonderful product I’ve now added to my collection. It’s a cream based blusher, which a few months back, cream products scared me a little. But the more I use them, I can actually see they can be sometimes easier to control than powered based products. This creates such a rosy pink colour flush to the cheeks and always applies the right amount of product. It never look’s too over the top either. Plus, how gorgeous is the gold packaging?!

Benefit Gimme Brow – Sample 05

Most of us in the beauty world have been going crazy over the repackaged popular brow products by Benefit, so when I saw that Glamour magazine was giving away a free sample of Gimme Brow, I just had to try it. I’ve never tried a brow product from Benefit before and always hear great comments about it, so I was excited to try out this little sample. Even though the sample is tiny, it is so easy to apply this product straight onto your brow. If you’re someone who has shaky hands or doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on perfecting your brows, then I feel a brow gel like Gimme Brow is perfect for you. 05 was actually the perfect colour match for my medium/dark brows, filling in any sparse areas and creating a fuller voluminous look to them. Due to the size, I think this would be a great hand bag essential for when you’re on the go.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Acai Smoothie 

One of my favourite nail varnish brands are Barry M, so I’m always up for adding a new polish from the Gelly Hi Shine range to my ever growing nail varnish collection. The one I went for this time round is another product I have been wanting for a while Acai Smoothie. This is one of the recent releases from their Spring/Summer range. I don’t own a shade quite like this in my collection, so it’s always great when you find something a little different. This varnish is a berry coloured pink shade, that applies easily onto the nail with around two coast and lasts for a few days on the nails before chipping begins. But for a nail varnish so affordable, what can you expect? A great colour for this season!

What products have you been loving lately?

Lauren x

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