Products I’ve Hit Pan On

Products I've Hit Pan On

I think one of the worst things when it comes to having a makeup collection is when you hit pan on a product. This term is well known throughout the beauty world as being the moment when you’re most used product that has been so well loved hits the bottom of the pan and you can see the base/packaging underneath where the actual product once was. I thought I’d share with you some of the products within my own collection that have sadly hit pan.

Products I've Hit Pan On

Products I've Hit Pan On

Sleek – Vintage Romance Palette 

I got this palette quite a few years back now when I was studying media makeup at college. It’s a great little palette to use throughout the Autumn/Winter months to create a romantic inspired smokey yet shimmery eye look. As you can see, only one of the actual shades has hit pan. This is the shade ‘Meet In Madrid‘ a light shimmery gold. Meet In Madrid is perfect for creating a golden eye look throughout anytime of the year. The texture of this is very creamy and the pigmentation sways more to the subtle side when swatching, but built up on the eye it does stand out more and look’s really pretty.

Will I be repurchasing this palette? Probably not, no. Aside from the golden colours in this palette, most of the other ones go untouched since I’m much more of a toned down kind of girl when it comes to wearing shadows. Since I have other golden shades to use, I don’t see no point repurchasing this just for the sake of one shadow. 

Products I've Hit Pan On

Urban Decay – Naked Basics

As you can see, this palette has been very well loved. I use this palette pretty much everyday for my go to makeup routine. I find the shades Foxy and Naked 2 so useful for applying over the lid for a base for any further eye shadow application. Venus is always used as my inner eyelid or brow highlight. Also I sometimes like to use Faint to fill in my brows as the colour is such a good match for my natural brow hair. The only shade I don’t use a lot is the black shade, but since I always get so much use out of all the others I definitely think this palette is worth it. The pigmentation of these matte shades and one shimmer is perfect, they feel so soft and smooth on the eyelids. They also last quite a long time too. One palette I’d really recommend!

Would I repurchase? Yes!!! I have already once and I’ve hit pan on that one also hahaha. I’m terrible, but I just get so much use of this product. I’m going to be repurchasing it again of course.

Products I've Hit Pan On

Sleek – Face Form in Fair

This is one of the first palettes I used when highlighting and contouring started to get big in the beauty world. This handy three shade product is the perfect beginner starter palette for this part of makeup application. The bronzer shade is a really good one for those with lighter skin tones as it doesn’t look too harsh and the pigmentation is the perfect amount. The middle shade is a pearly white shimmer highlight that brings a pretty pop of light to the cheeks. Another highly pigmented product. Finally, the blush product is a gorgeous rose gold with hints of coral running through the pink shimmer. This is actually the ‘Rose Gold’ blush that Sleek do and also the reason I bought the blush after using this product and loving it. 

Would I repurchase? Yes!!! I really need to get round to picking up another one of these, since I’ve really missed using it and it’s such a fab palette to have within your collection. 

Products I've Hit Pan On

Thebalm – Mary Lou-Manizer 

This product has been my holy grail for the past year. I absolutely love it, so you can probably imagine how I must have felt when I hit pan. But it’s totally understandable as to why I did since I’ve used this so much and it’s always one of my go to highlights. It’s one of the product that definitely lives up to the hype that it has. The pigmentation is amazing and it’s such a stunning light golden colour. I’m so in love with it and the texture is so creamy yet light on the skin. It’s super easy to blend too. Just overall one I am so glad I purchased and fell in love with!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely! I couldn’t imagine not having this in my collection and it’s worth the price tag.

Products I've Hit Pan On

MUA – Undress Me Too

Another few years back purchase I made, but this super affordable palette has been so well loved over the years. I’ve got so much use out of all of these shadows within the palette, some obviously more than overs, but this is such a great starter eye shadow palette for any beginners or someone who wants to start delving into creating eye looks. There’s an assortment of shimmer and matte shadows, so you can really create some great everyday or evening looks. Whilst not the most pigmented or long lasting, it’s still a lovely palette. You can’t really complain for the price either!

Would I repurchase? Yeah, I think I probably would. Even though it’s not the best, it’s still a handy palette to have in my collection and I’m a massive fan of all the colours inside of it.

What products in your own collection have hit pan?

Lauren x

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