Prepping Your Summer Skin with Proto-col*

Prepping Your Summer Skin With Proto-col

Even though our skin changes throughout the year, it is still important that we take good care of our skin no matter what the season. Summertime is usually when our skin is exposed to things like pollen, pollution and humidity, so we need to work just as hard to ensure our skin is in the best condition.

Since we’re more likely to show off our skin more during the summer, whether this is when showing off our gorgeous tan or needing to keep cool when it’s hot, it’s a good idea we do as much as we can to prepare our skin. To do this, we need to start with an exfoliator to get rid of those dead skin cells and leave us with smooth and fresh skin.

Recently I’ve been testing three body scrubs* from Proto-col and I just couldn’t wait to share with you the results!

Prepping Your Summer Skin with Proto-col*

The first is the Instant Manicure* which is obviously for the hands. This one contains a whole range of different oils that are targetted at nourishing and hydrating dry skin, including walnut oil, avocado oil, orange oil, rosemary and peppermint oil. If you’re anything like me, I’ve been suffering from dry hands since the winter, so when I used the Instant Manicure* for the first time, I didn’t have high hopes because I haven’t found a product so far that has helped much at all.

Oh, was I wrong!

This scrub honestly changed the game for me. I’m not usually a massive fan of exfoliators because I sometimes find them too harsh. Whilst this one did feel a little harsh at first, I didn’t mind it at all once I had really worked the product in and then rinsed it off the product. This was when I was left with the smoothest and softest hands!

I got my Mum to feel my hands afterwards and even she was shocked! I just know that I am going to keep reaching for this hand scrub whenever my hands are in a desperate need of some nourishment and I can then include it when I’m prepping my hands for a manicure or to keep them in a good condition. Even during the winter, the Instant Manicure scrub is going to work wonders on my cold chapped hands!

Prepping Your Summer Skin with Proto-col*

The next scrub is for the feet also known as the Instant Pedicure*. Whilst this scrub has the usual exfoliating aims, it is also a great scrub to help ease any aches and pains due to the lavender ingredient. Capsicum works alongside lavender to treat muscular problems and increase circulation.

This one is a great all-around product for anyone who really suffers from foot problems. In the summertime, we tend to be on our feet a lot more and wear more summer shoes like sandals or flip-flops, that obviously expose our feet.

We want our feet to be in their best condition and this Instant Pedicure* scrub does exactly that! During giving myself an at-home pedicure, I used this scrub for prepping my skin and just like the hand scrub, I was instantly met with such a smooth and soft feeling. I sometimes get a dry patch on the sole of my foot, but after using this scrub, all the dead skin was washed away and replaced with nourished feet.

Prepping Your Summer Skin with Proto-col*

And the final scrub is the Instant Body Bliss*. This scrub focuses on getting rid of dead skin and instead brightening it. There are three key ingredients in this scrub which help it to perform to its full potential. Sandalwood helps to soften the skin, which can be great for those with stretch marks, scarring and sensitive skin. Another key ingredient used that helps to heal and soothe the skin is dead sea salts. The final part is Neroli which is great for skin regeneration.

I tested this one whilst in the shower, prepping my skin for a day out in the sunshine and it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Afterwards, I felt like I could go out and bare my legs, knowing my skin was in the best condition it could be in, just from one single use of this scrub. The Instant Body Bliss* is definitely going to be my go to, especially when I want to fake a tan and need a trusty exfoliator to prepare my legs beforehand.

All three scrubs smell absolutely amazing! They all smell quite different, but each one of them screams summer. They’re very fresh and fruity. I love those sorts of scents. In each scrub, you have ____ of each, which I know will last me a really long time and means they’re great value for money (retailing for £19.95).

The only downside I would say to these products is that they are incredibly messy. The number of leakages and spillages I had from my first use of each one was disappointing, but a little bit of mess is fine when the product performs so well. Because of this, ensure you’re applying the scrubs in an environment where they can be cleaned up quickly and don’t stain any furniture. Avoid places like your bedroom or living room.

Overall, I’m very impressed with these scrubs and they’re now an essential part in my routine for prepping my skin. I can’t wait to continue these throughout summer, as well as into the winter, to keep prepping my skin for whatever it’s requirements, no matter what the season.

How do you prep your skin during the summer?

Products marked with a * are PR samples. All opinions remain my own.

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