PMD Beauty – Clean Cleansing Brush Device Review

PMD Beauty - Clean Cleansing Brush Device Review

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A couple of months back I was kindly sent the PMD Beauty Clean Cleansing Device to review on my blog, but between going away on a long weekend trip and taking a blogger break, I’m only now getting round to writing up my thoughts on this cleansing device.

PMD Beauty has brought out the PMD Clean Cleansing Device to help to transform your skin by cleansing your skin and removing makeup, as well as encouraging collagen production to help fight the signs of ageing.

I’ve only ever tried one cleansing device before and that was the Bared Faced 2 by Magnitone London so I was very interested to see how the two compared, as well as which one I prefered.

PMD Beauty - Clean Cleansing Brush Device Review

In terms of the brush itself, I think it’s such a cute looking product. I went for the pink coloured brush but they also do it in green with brushed aluminium, navy with gold,  berry with rose gold and black with gunmetal if you prefer something different.

The pink one comes with a luxurious rose gold looking bottom that opens up so you can easily pop in the batteries that ever so helpfully come with your device. So you don’t need to worry about popping out to buy some!

It’s also such a good size brush. It’s not too small but it’s not huge either which is just perfect. It’s really easy to hold and control. The size of the brush itself is the perfect size to easily glide around the face and work into the areas like around your nose and across my chin.

Unlike the vibrating thick bristles on the Magnitone brush, the PMD cleansing brush is more of a flat surface head with little grooves that vibrate. I much prefer this style of brush head as even though the Magnitone brush wasn’t harsh, I find the PMD cleansing brush to be so smooth and gentle on the skin in comparison.

I also find the PMD cleansing brush a lot quicker and easier to use. I felt like it was so effortless to guide the brush around in circular motions and focusing on my more problematic areas like the sides of my nose and on my chin.

PMD Beauty - Clean Cleansing Brush Device Review

In terms of the different settings that come with this brush, I have only been sticking to the first two because these are the ones that focus on cleansing the skin. I use the first option in the morning as it’s a slower and lighter cleansing mode. Then I opt for the second one as it’s a deeper cleansing mode for evenings after wearing makeup all day. Although the vibrations are too much or too hard to control which is good.

The other two settings are for lifting, toning and firming the skin. But I am excited to give them a go at some point!

Since using the brush morning and night, I have noticed a difference in my skin in terms of my complexion and cleanliness. My complexion seems brighter and more even so I definitely felt like I recieved some of the boosts in collagen. But where I noticed the most difference was in the texture of my skin.

I felt like my pores were less clogged and they felt oh so smooth. My skin, in general, was so soft and smooth. Even though it didn’t completely prevent breakouts or get rid of them completely, I felt like I had fewer breakouts especially during that time of the month where I always breakout on my chin quite badly these days.

I also love how easy to clean this brush is. It’s so easy to clean it properly and not feel like your dirt is going around your face every single time you use it which is something I struggled with the Magnitone brush. But because this one has a smooth silicone texture it is so easy to clean and remove any makeup or dirt build up from the head.

Overall I’m really impressed and definitely think I prefer the PMD Beauty Cleansing Brush over the Bare Faced 2 Magnitone Brush which is quite surprising since I fell in love with the Bare Faced 2 before.

Even though the PMD one is more expensive, I do think it is worth it as it just has a few more bonus features that I love like how easy it is to clean between uses, how gentle and smooth it is when applying and how brighter my complexion looks afterwards, as well as how it unclogged my pores and left my skin feeling so smooth.

You can check out and buy the PMD Beauty Clean Cleansing Brush Device here.

Have you tried the PMD Beauty Clean brush? If not, what cleansing brush do you love or want to try?

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