Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas

I absolutely love wrapping presents, even if I’m not particularly good at it and it results in looking like a three year old has wrapped up. I just love being creative with it and knowing the excitement that will come with handing out the gifts to my loved ones. There’s so many wonderful ways to get really creative with your gift wrapping, even for those of us who struggle with just simply wrapping the gifts in paper. Pinterest is my number one place for all things inspiration all the time, but there are also so many fantastic wrapping ideas for you to recreate yourself.  I’ve gathered together some of my favourite ones to share with you all today, because no doubt if you haven’t already, then you will be making an effort to wrap your present sometime over the next week!

Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas

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1. DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper – How cute is this one? I love the crafted lights on the plain brown paper wrapping. It just adds an extra detail to something so simple and brings that Christmas vibe to the wrap.
2. An assortment – Instead of just sticking to one wrapping paper for all your presents, why not do an assortment of different wrapping paper that goes well together to spice things up a little? These colours all go fit perfectly!
3. Add a quoteBack on that brown paper theme again, but this time throwing on a quote inspired by the festive magic and some string with baubles attached for lots more details. This one looks super personalised and Christmassy.

Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas

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4. Monochrome lovers – Sticking to more of a black and white theme with this wrapping idea, you can create a minimalistic and classy themed gift wrapping set of presents. You can mix and match different patterns and themes all whilst sticking to these two monochrome colours.

5. More brown paper!Another brown paper assortment, but this time these presents feature different pieces of materials wrapped around to add another feature to these gifts and finished off with some string to wrap them all together. How cute do these look under the tree!

6. The girly touchThis is probably my most favourite one of the bunch. You can probably tell why. It features gold, white and pink, one of my absolute favourite colour schemes. I also love the gold star patterned and white background wrapping paper, with the pink ribbon wrapped around it with this gorgeous glittery little dear on top. This is so stunning and would be perfect for any ladies in your life. 

Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas

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7. Shine bright like your own DIY starsThis is more of a blue paper package idea with the brown string, but this time you can add our own DIY stars to the wrapping paper. This gives you the chance to be as creative as you like and also add other drawing on there if you fancy it. The colours also look so good together. 

8. Copper jingle bellsA wrapping paper inspired by the latest colour trend that is copper. This also features two little copper bells and some small pieces of a small piece of fur tree, giving that extra bit of Christmas details to your wrapped gifts. 

9. Tasty gingerbreadThis one certainly adds the tasty and fun element to this wrapping idea. Cute little baked gingerbread added to your gifts can bring a really lovely touch of Christmas to your gifts. I also love the red touches for all things Christmas and the ribbon details to finish everything off. How cute!

How have you wrapped your presents this year? What’s your favourite out of the bunch above?

Lauren x

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